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WTF Album Covers: Doctor Fishbein Talks To A Growing Girl

Bad album covers Doctor Fishbein Talks To A Growing GirlI don’t know who Doctor Fishbein is, but I WANT THIS RECORD. As a collector of weirdness on vinyl, this seems like a no-brainer, must-own piece of vinyl insanity.

I wonder, what do these two talk about? No, I DON’T wonder, we know EXACTLY what they’re talking about.

Somebody PLEASE sell me this record. It begs to be sampled and mashed up into all manner of sinister-sounding electronic music with an air of evil and menace. Or maybe disco instead. Yeah, disco.

–Joe Wallace


WTF Album Covers: Explaining Sex To Your Little Girl

WTF album covers explaining sexFor a start, any vinyl record that presumes to teach you something about sex already has a lot working against it…but throw a creepy/pervo Norman Rockwell vibe into the mix with the cover art and you have WTF gold. And look at that cup of coffee she’s got there…whatever she’s learning from that record, she’ll be up all night thinking about it.

I discovered this one at the similarly WTF-n-vintage-obsessed Vintage Everyday blog. Good stuff there…and a lot of it!

–Joe Wallace


MTV Predicts The Death of Vinyl Records In The Late 1980s

Funny, clueless, and basically just filler for MTV News masquerading as some kind of observation of the format wars, this MTV News report is probably as entertaining for those 80s hairdos as it is in the delightfully look-at-how-WRONG-they-were-ness of it all.

Oh, yes. MTV you had a crystal ball, alright. It was covered in whipped cream and never worked quite right, but you had one. >AHEM<

Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral

Yes we’re still digging that parody Trent Reznor song,  that came out a couple of weeks ago.  So biting, yet fun to dance to as well.

Turntabling  has a copy of The Downward Spiral 2008 re-issue 180 gram vinyl LP for sale at our Discogs store. —It is first come, first served. A great find for those who wore out the first one. Or for someone pleasantly reminded as to how insanely great Nine Inch Nails gets on this album.


Gene Page: Blacula Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Above is the animated open for the horror movie, Blacula. William Mashall stars as an African prince bitten and cursed to be the undead by Dracula many generations ago. In 1972, his coffin ends up in Los Angeles. To the funky music of the city, Blacula looks for the human blood he needs to sustain his life. He meets a woman who looks like his wife, who died long ago. Perhaps, it is his wife, back to save him from loneliness.

The soundtrack is a soulful mix of instrumentals and songs that stand the test of time. Gene Page conducts some beats that are vibrant and smooth. Including this one called (aptly?) Good To The Last Drop.

The Hues Corporation provide vocals to some of the songs on the soundtrack. Including this heart-breaking tune that represents Blacula’s longing his long lost bride, The Main Chance. Like the film, the soundtrack makes you feel for the man Blacula once was. Hear the longing in the lyrics (after the advertisement).

The soundtrack is a Turntabling must have. We put extra copies we find on Discogs – First come, First served. Right now, we have a sealed copy of the vinyl reissue LP for sale. It is spooky and funky at the same time, always a great combination.

Blacula vinyl LP soundtrack for sale Horror movies

James Brown: Black Caesar Soundtrack LP for Sale

Browsing the Trailers From Hell collection, I noticed this gem of a program with director Larry Cohen about his film, Black Caesar.

Larry Cohen is a Turntabling favorite. He is a unique screen writer and director. He is famous primarily for science fiction and terror titles (It’s Alive, The Stuff, God Told Me To, and Q). We were luck to even meet him once.

The soundtrack is by The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. If you’re a fan of Godfater Brown you probably have this in your collection. Isn’t it time for a new LP copy? If you don’t have it, you need to take a listen.

This soundtrack has some epic tunes, including this one that starts off the album, (after the commercial) Down and Out in New York City.

Another track that found recent love courtesy of The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack is The Boss. Try not singing this to yourself after you hear it once. I dare you. The clip has an advert that you can skip in 5 seconds.

Another great song on the soundtrack is performed by Lyn Collins. Here she is at her soulful best with Mamma Feelgood (after the advert that can be skipped).

Turntabling has a copy of the vinyl LP soundtrack reissue of Black Caesar for sale. It is first come, first served.

We love this one, we’re confident that you will too!

Jen Kilzer

Black Ceasar soundtrack vinyl LP for sale

How Tarantino Creates Soundtracks and Reservoir Dogs

Here’s a clip of Quentin Tarantino discussing the type of ‘infected people’ in the film Planet Terror. At about 2:01 into the clip, he reveals how he likes to score his films and why he rarely employs a composer.  He does, however, love the old film soundtracks and songs.

For Reservoir Dogs, he used some great minor hits from the ’70s. The radio is playing in several areas and the station tuned in is having a flash back weekend.

If you’ve seen the movie, one great song should make  you cringe, forevermore, while another will always make you want to strut. I’m going to be a chicken and advertise the strut, in this article.

Here’s another  version of Little Green bag that is about :45 longer than the version on the soundtrack. Tarantino did what he needed to fit the song into the film’s credits . I happen to like this clip with band, George Baker Selection.

Of course,the soundtrack also includes the Steven Wright intros to the songs, the Madonna Speech and Let’s Get a Taco, where Mr.White explains how to get information.

Turntabling has a vinyl LP copy of the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack for sale–first come, first served.

From time to time we get more Tarantino soundtracks, but they tend to sell out fast. Mr. Tarantino has a fine hand merging visuals and music, bringing new fans to some of the old masters.

Reservoir Dogs soundtrack vinyl LP for sale