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How Tarantino Creates Soundtracks and Reservoir Dogs

Here’s a clip of Quentin Tarantino discussing the type of ‘infected people’ in the film Planet Terror. At about 2:01 into the clip, he reveals how he likes to score his films and why he rarely employs a composer.  He does, however, love the old film soundtracks and songs.

For Reservoir Dogs, he used some great minor hits from the ’70s. The radio is playing in several areas and the station tuned in is having a flash back weekend.

If you’ve seen the movie, one great song should make  you cringe, forevermore, while another will always make you want to strut. I’m going to be a chicken and advertise the strut, in this article.

Here’s another  version of Little Green bag that is about :45 longer than the version on the soundtrack. Tarantino did what he needed to fit the song into the film’s credits . I happen to like this clip with band, George Baker Selection.

Of course,the soundtrack also includes the Steven Wright intros to the songs, the Madonna Speech and Let’s Get a Taco, where Mr.White explains how to get information.

Turntabling has a vinyl LP copy of the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack for sale–first come, first served.

From time to time we get more Tarantino soundtracks, but they tend to sell out fast. Mr. Tarantino has a fine hand merging visuals and music, bringing new fans to some of the old masters.

Reservoir Dogs soundtrack vinyl LP for sale


Commedia Sexy All’Italiana – Italian Sex Comedy Soundtrack CD (NSFW)

Roberto Pregadio, one of the great composers from the Kriminal soundtrack adds an incredible  music for the soundtrack to the movie Il Medico…La Studentessa.

A man and a woman look surprised by circumstances around them. The fellow is adjusting some of his clothing. The woman is topless and the rest of her garments are sheer.

As a CD with artwork that’s not safe for most workplaces, Commedia Sexy All’Italiana has some lovely soundtrack selections that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are twenty tracks from the late ’60s and early ’70s. It also has a booklet showing scenes and posters from the original movies.

In the ’70s film makers worldwide turned to sex to sell movie tickets. The Italian film producers employed the same composers who added jazzy excitement to their western and horror genres to score the comedies where the women shed their clothing and the men became hot and bothered.

This collection shows that the music added to the comedies whimsy, passion and naughtiness. The tracks stand out with a sexiness all their own. Commedia Sexy All’Italiana might not be safe to play at work, without the headphones and a cover for the lady on the case. These tracks would be great for your collection of inventive film soundtracks and additional sexy swing to any party or dance floor.

Turntabling has a CD copy of Commedia Sexy All’Italiana for sale at our Discogs store. It is, of course first come, first served.

Commedia Sexy All'Italiana For Sale

The Mood Mosaic 2 : Barnie’s Grooves

I don’t know whether Barnie is a real person, but this collection of tracks with his name certainly does a great job of presenting some classic ’70s memories.

Compilations are great for long drives and busy work, when they’re done right. If you’re looking for energy, action, with a lot of soul, and a touch of lounge, The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves is something you need to know.

This 16 track Italian Import, from 1997, has original television and movie soundtracks along with funky jazzy contemporary versions of familiar tunes.  They work together to create an hour long experience of action and nostalgia for great movies and television.

We at Turntabling fancy the  two tracks from a Yorkshire TV action series, The Hanged Man, that close out the CD.  These are high energy tracks from a ’70s television series new to us. We’re seeking out this one season show, because the music is so enticing.

Turntabling has a copy of the CD of The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves for sale on Discogs –first come, first served.

Mood Mosaic 2 barnie's grooves for sale
Jen Kilzer

Popshopping Volume 1 Double-Vinyl LP

Popshopping Volume 1 is a collection of German advertising soundtracks from the late ’60s and early ’70s.  Lovingly presented, over 30 years after they sold the wares, the tracks are now prized as nostalgia  and sonic art. They are not lost to time. By being catchy and memorable, these  jingles and background tracks led consumers to the sales counter (Moulinex is a kitchen appliances brand), the store shelf and beyond. The auto showroom was a frequent path in advertising then and today.

Sometimes these commercial soundtracks showed an affinity for tunes that brought the masses to movies of the day. The track below is reminiscent of a famous theme from the ’70s.  Action cinema orchestration used to sell cars?  What a surprise!

Turntabling has a mint copy of the double-vinyl LP of Popshopping Volume 1 for sale . This is a limited edition release  from 2000. This item is first come, first served.

Popshopping Double-Vinyl Set for sale


Adam and Joe’s Record Store Guide

I have no idea who Adam and Joe are, but they know their music shops…pretty damn funny, though there are sure to be a few “take me seriously” types reading this who will get offended because they have no sense of humor about their amusing record shop habits. My favorite part of this vid is all the bogus names for electronica genres. “Ambient Nutsack” and “Hardcore German Housewives”…PRICELESS.

Click on the image to view the clip--couldn’t embed it here as the creators don’t allow it, but well worth the time unless you’re one of those dour clubby types nursing a perpetual hangover and nic fit.

–Joe Wallace Continue reading Adam and Joe’s Record Store Guide

Turntabling Records Seeks 5 Bands for Compilation CD

Turntabling Records is looking for indie experimental/unclassifiable bands to submit tracks for consideration for the forthcoming CHEMICALLY ALTERED compilation CD. We need for five bands who play music in the same genre more or less as the Paisley Babylon tracks you can listen to on the Paisley Babylon MySpace page or at the Paisley Babylon ReverbNation page.

Bands who make the cut and wind up on the compilation get 25 physical copies of CHEMICALLY ALTERED to sell. Turntabling Records will mail 15 review copies to reviewers from each band’s mailing list–the band supplies the names and addresses from their PR mailing list and we do the rest. There is no cost to the bands for the pressing (Initial print run of 1000). though donations from rich bands are definitely welcome!

Turntabling makes the final call as to who is included in the comp but we aren’t seeking fame and fortune here–no chart-topping hits required–instead, we want to spread the word about unusual and interesting sounds.

Submit tracks by sending us a link to them in MP3 form to: jwallace242 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Your submission should be something that hasn’t appeared on other compilations and ideally not an album track–a B-side or custom recorded track would be much better. In the event you want to record something specifically for the CD, please send links to music representative of your work.

Dario Argento Blood Is Red LP Collection


Five original soundtrack albums from Dario Argento films on 180 gram vinyl with delicious gatefold sleeves. I scored one of these limited edition collections, called Blood Is Red, and I have to say the vinyl junkie in me is VERY pleased indeed. The films are Cat o’ Nine Tails, aka Il Gatto A Nove CodeFour Flies on Grey Velvet aka Quattro Mosche Di Velluto Grigio, Profondo Rosso, Suspiria and Tenebre.

I have seen these selling for upwards of $175, so I was very happy to score mine for well under $70 and in tasty condition, too! Cat o ‘Nine Tails is a very underrated soundtrack, and it definitely gets lost in the shuffle compared with Tenebre and Suspiria. Any Goblin fan will swoon over this collection but the Morricone lover in me insists on giving the maestro his due as well.
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Easy Tempo from ESL


Experienced lovers of Italian lounge, 60s and 70s Italian sountrack music and chillout sounds will appreciate the excellent track selection on this compilation from ESL. Newcomers, this collection of grooves is an OUTSTANDING primer. Have you heard the glorious sounds of Morricone and want to learn who else was creating lush, gorgeous textures in Italian cinema? Easy Tempo is the place to start.

There are plenty of legends on this disc, including Armando Trovajoli, Giancarlo Barigozzi, The Green Future, Piero Piccioni and the amazing Piero Umiliani. There is a great selection here, from loungey grooves to more suspenseful tracks from Italian thrillers. This disc is a good gateway drug to the hip, swinging world of Italian soundtracks, which are far cooler than most of their American counterparts in many cases.

It’s important to note that this CD is NOT part of the Italian-made Easy Tempo series distributed by Right Tempo, but it does contain a cross section of tracks licensed by ESL from that hard-to-find series.

Here’s the best bit–you can support by purchasing a copy of this Easy Tempo disc from Turntabling. Use the PayPal button below to place your order and it will be sent out immediately. This is part of our very selective stock of media which will be made available for purchase over the coming weeks. It’s true–Turntabling is expanding its horizons, as I want to do more than talk about this great stuff–I want to bring it to you as well. It all starts with Easy Tempo…if you’re new to Italian soundtrack sounds and want to support Turntabling, click the Paypal button with my sincere thanks.

Buy Easy Tempo–$15 plus FREE SHIPPING.


The Wailing Ultimate: Homestead Records Compilation Album


Does anyone else even remember this one? In 1987, Homestead Records put out this hit-and-miss vinyl compilation, The Wailing Ultimate, featuring a pre-junior Dinosaur, Naked Raygun, and Big Black, plus a few future nobodies and the at-times-underrated Salem 66.

The Dinosaur track is the real reason to own this—“Repulsion” is a fabulous, moody cut that shows J. Mascis doing his thing years and years before anybody really took a shine to him in the mainstream media. Hear him showing off the same whine-n-crunch power long before he picked up a golf club on MTV. This one’s a tough find in some areas, but you can always pick it up used online via from a few nice reputable vendors including the venerable Newbury Comics.

Polyvinyl Record Co. does it again. Thanks to that fine blog, I discovered a great indie vinyl label practically in my own back yard. Polyvinyl Record Co. offers CDs, downloads, but more importantly those delicious 180 gram vinyl platters for most of their releases. This Champaign, Illinois-based label is home to 31Knots, ofMontreal, and Rainer Maria, who I first got acquainted with when I was editing material from SxSW for back in 06.

Currently, I’m a bit obsessed with the ofMontreal track Id Engager which you can hear as an MP3 at Pampelmoose or pre-order on colored vinyl or download from Polyvinyl. Id Engager is a unique modern disco indie track.

I like ofMontreal’s take on the old mirrorball sounds from the late 70s; this collision of ideas sounds like Studio 54 and Andy Warhol thrown into a blender with the modern indie kids mentality with a dash of ginseng and gaurana. Energetic without being abrasively annoying…this is fun whiteboy disco with great bass playing. Did I mention there’s a little bit of Sparks falsetto going on here? When it’s well done (as it is on Id Engager) it’s pretty great. RECOMMENDED.