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James Brown: Black Caesar Soundtrack LP for Sale

Browsing the Trailers From Hell collection, I noticed this gem of a program with director Larry Cohen about his film, Black Caesar.

Larry Cohen is a Turntabling favorite. He is a unique screen writer and director. He is famous primarily for science fiction and terror titles (It’s Alive, The Stuff, God Told Me To, and Q). We were luck to even meet him once.

The soundtrack is by The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. If you’re a fan of Godfater Brown you probably have this in your collection. Isn’t it time for a new LP copy? If you don’t have it, you need to take a listen.

This soundtrack has some epic tunes, including this one that starts off the album, (after the commercial) Down and Out in New York City.

Another track that found recent love courtesy of The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack is The Boss. Try not singing this to yourself after you hear it once. I dare you. The clip has an advert that you can skip in 5 seconds.

Another great song on the soundtrack is performed by Lyn Collins. Here she is at her soulful best with Mamma Feelgood (after the advert that can be skipped).

Turntabling has a copy of the vinyl LP soundtrack reissue of Black Caesar for sale. It is first come, first served.

We love this one, we’re confident that you will too!

Jen Kilzer

Black Ceasar soundtrack vinyl LP for sale

Manhunter Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Brian Cox discusses his work as Hannibal Lecter in the film Manhunter. He also reveals why he’s not envious of success of Anthony Hopkins has enjoyed with the character.  This is an interesting interview with a fine actor, who explains why he has no regrets about his work in a fine adaptation.

Manhunter was a 1986 adaptation of the book Red Dragon, directed by Michael Mann. ‘Dr. Lecktor’  has a small, yet pivotal role in the film’s complete story. The action’s main focus is the FBI pursuit of  the serial killer called ‘The Tooth Fairy’. The audience gets to visit the killer and view him as a multifaceted individual with a motivation to stop his rampage.

Manhunter is an excellent, pop inspired 1980s soundtrack. Fans of the television show Miami Vice know that Michael Mann weaves action angles and music like no one else.  His choices of songs and incidental melodies inject color into a story, even when the subject matter is dark and violent. There’s a lot of energy to this soundtrack to accompany steady rise of suspense, unease, and body count.


The band Shriekback, a favorite of Turntabling, appears three times on this album. They add a sinister and sensual groove to the film. Here is Evaporation (after a :15 commercial)

Finally, what is an American ’80s soundtrack without at least one hark back to the ’60s? When I find one, I’ll tell you.  Until then, Manhunter has a cut of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida that is shorter than the original (8:19), but long enough to cover an intense series of events in the film. This version is a great choice for the dance floor (you know, bring out lots of different people).

Turtabling has a copy of the vinyl LP of the Manhunter soundtrack for sale, first come, first served.

Manhunter Soundtrack vinyl LP For Sale


Hornets’ Nest Original Soundtrack CD

Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to the World War II thriller Hornets’ Nest is available on CD in a limited edition pressing. I haven’t seen the film, but I can tell you that the soundtrack is amazing. It is Morricone in top form. It’s a grand soundtrack for what became a rare movie.

From what I gathered online, the 1970 film is about an American commander stuck behind German lines, after being the sole survivor of an ambush. Captain Turner, has no choice but to rely on a group of village orphans for survival. Together, they plot to complete the unit’s original mission to destroy a critical dam. Meanwhile, the Germans begin suspecting that there may be an American in the forest who survived the attack. Yet, they ignore the orphans whom they created.

Turntabling has a copy of Hornets’ Nest original soundtrack CD 2010 remaster for sale at our Discogs shop. It is first come, first served.

Hornets' Nest CD for sale

Jen Kilzer

The Mood Mosaic 2 : Barnie’s Grooves

I don’t know whether Barnie is a real person, but this collection of tracks with his name certainly does a great job of presenting some classic ’70s memories.

Compilations are great for long drives and busy work, when they’re done right. If you’re looking for energy, action, with a lot of soul, and a touch of lounge, The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves is something you need to know.

This 16 track Italian Import, from 1997, has original television and movie soundtracks along with funky jazzy contemporary versions of familiar tunes.  They work together to create an hour long experience of action and nostalgia for great movies and television.

We at Turntabling fancy the  two tracks from a Yorkshire TV action series, The Hanged Man, that close out the CD.  These are high energy tracks from a ’70s television series new to us. We’re seeking out this one season show, because the music is so enticing.

Turntabling has a copy of the CD of The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves for sale on Discogs –first come, first served.

Mood Mosaic 2 barnie's grooves for sale
Jen Kilzer