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James Brown: Black Caesar Soundtrack LP for Sale

Browsing the Trailers From Hell collection, I noticed this gem of a program with director Larry Cohen about his film, Black Caesar.

Larry Cohen is a Turntabling favorite. He is a unique screen writer and director. He is famous primarily for science fiction and terror titles (It’s Alive, The Stuff, God Told Me To, and Q). We were luck to even meet him once.

The soundtrack is by The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. If you’re a fan of Godfater Brown you probably have this in your collection. Isn’t it time for a new LP copy? If you don’t have it, you need to take a listen.

This soundtrack has some epic tunes, including this one that starts off the album, (after the commercial) Down and Out in New York City.

Another track that found recent love courtesy of The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack is The Boss. Try not singing this to yourself after you hear it once. I dare you. The clip has an advert that you can skip in 5 seconds.

Another great song on the soundtrack is performed by Lyn Collins. Here she is at her soulful best with Mamma Feelgood (after the advert that can be skipped).

Turntabling has a copy of the vinyl LP soundtrack reissue of Black Caesar for sale. It is first come, first served.

We love this one, we’re confident that you will too!

Jen Kilzer

Black Ceasar soundtrack vinyl LP for sale

Manhunter Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Brian Cox discusses his work as Hannibal Lecter in the film Manhunter. He also reveals why he’s not envious of success of Anthony Hopkins has enjoyed with the character.  This is an interesting interview with a fine actor, who explains why he has no regrets about his work in a fine adaptation.

Manhunter was a 1986 adaptation of the book Red Dragon, directed by Michael Mann. ‘Dr. Lecktor’  has a small, yet pivotal role in the film’s complete story. The action’s main focus is the FBI pursuit of  the serial killer called ‘The Tooth Fairy’. The audience gets to visit the killer and view him as a multifaceted individual with a motivation to stop his rampage.

Manhunter is an excellent, pop inspired 1980s soundtrack. Fans of the television show Miami Vice know that Michael Mann weaves action angles and music like no one else.  His choices of songs and incidental melodies inject color into a story, even when the subject matter is dark and violent. There’s a lot of energy to this soundtrack to accompany steady rise of suspense, unease, and body count.


The band Shriekback, a favorite of Turntabling, appears three times on this album. They add a sinister and sensual groove to the film. Here is Evaporation (after a :15 commercial)

Finally, what is an American ’80s soundtrack without at least one hark back to the ’60s? When I find one, I’ll tell you.  Until then, Manhunter has a cut of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida that is shorter than the original (8:19), but long enough to cover an intense series of events in the film. This version is a great choice for the dance floor (you know, bring out lots of different people).

Turtabling has a copy of the vinyl LP of the Manhunter soundtrack for sale, first come, first served.

Manhunter Soundtrack vinyl LP For Sale


Hornets’ Nest Original Soundtrack CD

Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to the World War II thriller Hornets’ Nest is available on CD in a limited edition pressing. I haven’t seen the film, but I can tell you that the soundtrack is amazing. It is Morricone in top form. It’s a grand soundtrack for what became a rare movie.

From what I gathered online, the 1970 film is about an American commander stuck behind German lines, after being the sole survivor of an ambush. Captain Turner, has no choice but to rely on a group of village orphans for survival. Together, they plot to complete the unit’s original mission to destroy a critical dam. Meanwhile, the Germans begin suspecting that there may be an American in the forest who survived the attack. Yet, they ignore the orphans whom they created.

Turntabling has a copy of Hornets’ Nest original soundtrack CD 2010 remaster for sale at our Discogs shop. It is first come, first served.

Hornets' Nest CD for sale

Jen Kilzer

The Mood Mosaic 2 : Barnie’s Grooves

I don’t know whether Barnie is a real person, but this collection of tracks with his name certainly does a great job of presenting some classic ’70s memories.

Compilations are great for long drives and busy work, when they’re done right. If you’re looking for energy, action, with a lot of soul, and a touch of lounge, The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves is something you need to know.

This 16 track Italian Import, from 1997, has original television and movie soundtracks along with funky jazzy contemporary versions of familiar tunes.  They work together to create an hour long experience of action and nostalgia for great movies and television.

We at Turntabling fancy the  two tracks from a Yorkshire TV action series, The Hanged Man, that close out the CD.  These are high energy tracks from a ’70s television series new to us. We’re seeking out this one season show, because the music is so enticing.

Turntabling has a copy of the CD of The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves for sale on Discogs –first come, first served.

Mood Mosaic 2 barnie's grooves for sale
Jen Kilzer

The Undertones Teenage Kicks 7-inch EP

John Peel, already a legendary  DJ, plays Teenage Kicks twice in  a row in 1978. He would play this song often in the Fall of 1978 and throughout the rest of his career.  It would become known as one of his favorites.  A man known for his eclectic music taste, Peel had a special affinity for  the song, Teenage Kicks, one that endured almost thirty years after he first introduced the song to his listeners.

Out of all the music he brought to the radios of millions, John Peel’s gravestone has the lyric from Teenage Kicks – Teenage dreams so hard to beat. No annotation is needed, Peel fans know.

Though Peel doesn’t want to take all the credit in the clip above, record labels started to seek out the Derry quintet when the EP became part of his broadcast.  They were playing together years before in Northern Ireland, an area known more for unemployment and political struggle at the time then for music.

This is a well crafted collection of an experienced band nearly calling it quits. The world is a much better place because of these four songs – Teenage Kicks, True Confessions, Smarter Than U and Emergency Cases.

The 2008 7-inch SALVO EP is the official digital remastered 30th anniversary editions of the Good Vibrations EP that ended up on Peel’s turntable back 1978.  Turntabling has a copy of this limited edition release Teenage Kicks EP for sale –  (the image below is an example , our copy is #4670) first come first served.

The Undertones Teenage Kicks EP For Sale


Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair – Words of Wisdom and Hope Vinyl LP

Can intense jangle pop brighten and revive the world? Testing this question with Words of Wisdom and Hope on the turntable is great place to start the research. Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair introduced a collection in 2002 of mighty  love songs. This album pours out the phrase turns that bring the goods when it comes to making the listener feel gushy all over.

You may not be in love, but you are loved. Here’s the proof.

I don’t know much about either the band Teenage Fanclub or Jad Fair as separate artists.  Crush on You is the first cut I heard and I really enjoy where it goes.

Jad Fair’s ‘singing’ is more  of  a talking to the loved one (you). Listening to someone so confident in the adoration department is initially unnerving. Millions of song say, “You’re interesting and I want to know you”. This song states, “I know you better than you know yourself. You’re the most and everything is over the top because of you.” Any counter arguments will not be addressed in this song or the rest of the album.  Bask in this, only the facts over some sweet music about your greatness.

Turntabling has a copy of Words of Wisdom and Hope on vinyl LP for sale — first come, first served.

Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair Words of Wisdom and Hope Vinyl LP for sale


Jen Kilzer 



Sink Your Teeth Into The Malenka OST

 A gorgeous woman inherits a title, an ancient castle, an intense painting that resembles her, and a new set of relatives with extraordinary smiles.  Malenka, La Nipote del Vampiro , a.k.a. Fangs of the Living Dead (1969) is a spooky Spanish/Italian movie with beauties abound.

Carlo Savina’s soundtrack is thick with the harpsichord chills and whistling winds. This limited edition (pressing of 500) Quartet Records CD, also includes the score to the movie  I Diabolici Convegni , a.k.a. Las Amantes del Diablo (1971).  This suspense film involves , a missing woman, a curious sister, and a suspicious doctor. All together, there’s 65:39 minutes of haunted castle and suspense music.  

Turntabling has a CD copy of Malenka, La Nipote del Vampiro for sale at  First come, first served.  

Malenka Soundtrack  Compact Disc For Sale




I Buy Record Collections: Chicago Industrial Music, 90s Electronica, Italian Soundtracks, Lounge, Bizarre LPs and Oddities

Turntabling has many purposes. One of them is to scour the earth to find and offer you the most interesting and hard-to-find titles in selected genres including soundtracks, goth, industrial, post-punk, and many other genres. Another is to archive the strangest and most unusual vinyl on the planet–I have a special love for weird, unusual, and WTF vinyl records.

To do both of these at once, I find myself in the position of having to buy record collections–a lot of people don’t want to part with SOME of their records, just ALL of them for whatever reason. And I am VERY happy to help. I gladly accept donations of record collections but am also willing to make an offer of a group of titles.

If you have a vinyl record collection to sell, do get in touch with me at jwallace242 at gmail and let me know the size of the collection, a list of titles or sample list of titles, their approximate condition and any other information I can use to get started.

I am actively looking for record collections that contain titles in the goth, industrial, post-punk, soundtrack, and spoken word genres. I am also interested in a limited number of unusual jazz albums by artists like Sun Ra. Also, Stockhausen, John Cage, and other innovators and pioneers are most welcome.

For every want list, there’s also a DO NOT WANT list. My own personal do not want list includes classic rock, classical, country, show tunes/Broadway musicals or the majority of Jazz records with exceptions made for Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and other innovators. Typical jazz LPs fall outside my curation and collection interests.

But if you have a collection of Skinny Puppy, Sisters Of Mercy, Thrill Kill Kult and other industrial vinyl you want to get rid of, Drop me a line. The same goes for Alien Sex Fiend, Gang of Four, or most other post-punk luminaries and unknowns. I am particularly interested in unknown and underrated bands in the New Wave, goth and industrial genres, etc. Some of the most amazing records are not necessarily by the big names in these genres, but rather the unknowns and under-rateds.

I buy vinyl collections!

Joe Wallace buys record collections goth industrial new wave post punk soundtracks

Sell us your goth industrial soundtrack and new wave record collections! jwallace242 @ gmail

Where’s The Turntabling Collection?

Some have wondered where The Turntabling Collection has been hiding. Since getting back from Cinema Wasteland, the collection has been offline while we worked on a few shows and events; DJing at OhNo! Doom Gallery, creating videos and writing music all has taken a bit of time.

But I’m happy to announce the impending return of vinyl sales to Turntabling–there are some things in the works that should expand the collection and how much is for sale here at any given time.

Selling music here is a fundraising activity for Turntabling–if you’ve ever bought a vinyl record or CD from us, you’ve directly supported the site, and for that we thank you. Over the last three years many, many people have helped us thrive and grow with their purchases and we would NOT be here without you. Stay tuned…there are some important developments in the works in our vinyl and CD department.

–Joe Wallace

Back From Flashback Weekend

Big thanks to all who came out to the Turntabling Table this weekend and chatted, bought rare and unusual vinyl, and talked about all things record-related. Turntabling is plotting more convention appearances even as I write this. Everyone who came to the table really made the weekend special–THANK YOU for your support.

I wanted to take a moment to remind people that I am currently in search of more record collections to purchase. Any kind of bulk vinyl for sale is potentially of interest as I have a continuous need for more titles–especially 80s goth/industrial, soundtracks, new wave, odd/bizarre and otherwise unclassifiable records. Feel free to get in touch about any vinyl you might be interested in selling: jwallace@turntabling (dot) net.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Joe Wallace