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Riz Ortolani Farewell

We here at Turntabling are sad to hear of the passing of Riz Ortolani. The scope of his soundtrack work is enormous. His mark on the world of pop culture soundtracks continues into the present day. Many comments on social media thank the 2011 film ‘Drive’ for the composer’s introduction. Also, Quentin Tarantino has used the composer’s work in more than one film because he enjoys it so much. For that we’re glad.

One of our favorite soundtrack’s of Mr. Ortolani is the 1969 thriller Una sull’altra a.k.a. Perversion Story. The swinging grooves of this one fit the images presented of wild San Francisco nightlife like a glove. Listening to the menu screen of the DVD several times before playing the movie is actually a joy. The music is that wonderful.

Of course, there’s not enough room to completely cover the great soundtracks that this master has contributed to. Turntabling has several titles  on Discogs.  Riz Ortolani’s soundtracks for sale at the moment are first come, first served. We’ll keep our eyes out for more, as we know he has plenty of fans.  For that, we’re glad, they are well deserved.

Killer Crocodile for Sale
Jen Kilzer

Twin Peaks Soundtrack CD for Sale

Audrey asks if the juke box music is too dreamy, not knowing that this is actually named Audrey’s Dance outside of the fictional town of Twin Peaks. Creator David Lynch had actress Sherilyn Fenn in mind when he created the coy, love struck, rich girl, Audrey Horne.

The actress does not disappoint as Audrey.  She performs this scene as a young woman yearning to be an adult, ordering coffee, for a childish reason (Agent Cooper loves coffee). She doesn’t realize that swaying to music in public may get you some strange looks. She still is impulsive and dances to her music when the mood strikes her.

Most of the music of Twin Peaks, represented in the diner, in dreams, and throughout the series, has the smokey room, 50s jazz combo feel. No one listens to the pop styles of the 80s or 90s here, not even the teenagers.

Once in a while there’s the sound of a twangy guitar, fingers snapping, or a stray reed instrument.  It is of an era that, by 1990 is definitely out of place, much like the town. It is the past reinvented for the present (circa 1990). Below is the gently haunting theme from the first season.

Turntabling has a CD of The Original TV Soundtrack of Twin Peaks Season One for sale —first come, first served.

Twin Peaks for sale at Turntabling

Hornets’ Nest Original Soundtrack CD

Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to the World War II thriller Hornets’ Nest is available on CD in a limited edition pressing. I haven’t seen the film, but I can tell you that the soundtrack is amazing. It is Morricone in top form. It’s a grand soundtrack for what became a rare movie.

From what I gathered online, the 1970 film is about an American commander stuck behind German lines, after being the sole survivor of an ambush. Captain Turner, has no choice but to rely on a group of village orphans for survival. Together, they plot to complete the unit’s original mission to destroy a critical dam. Meanwhile, the Germans begin suspecting that there may be an American in the forest who survived the attack. Yet, they ignore the orphans whom they created.

Turntabling has a copy of Hornets’ Nest original soundtrack CD 2010 remaster for sale at our Discogs shop. It is first come, first served.

Hornets' Nest CD for sale

Jen Kilzer

Commedia Sexy All’Italiana – Italian Sex Comedy Soundtrack CD (NSFW)

Roberto Pregadio, one of the great composers from the Kriminal soundtrack adds an incredible  music for the soundtrack to the movie Il Medico…La Studentessa.

A man and a woman look surprised by circumstances around them. The fellow is adjusting some of his clothing. The woman is topless and the rest of her garments are sheer.

As a CD with artwork that’s not safe for most workplaces, Commedia Sexy All’Italiana has some lovely soundtrack selections that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are twenty tracks from the late ’60s and early ’70s. It also has a booklet showing scenes and posters from the original movies.

In the ’70s film makers worldwide turned to sex to sell movie tickets. The Italian film producers employed the same composers who added jazzy excitement to their western and horror genres to score the comedies where the women shed their clothing and the men became hot and bothered.

This collection shows that the music added to the comedies whimsy, passion and naughtiness. The tracks stand out with a sexiness all their own. Commedia Sexy All’Italiana might not be safe to play at work, without the headphones and a cover for the lady on the case. These tracks would be great for your collection of inventive film soundtracks and additional sexy swing to any party or dance floor.

Turntabling has a CD copy of Commedia Sexy All’Italiana for sale at our Discogs store. It is, of course first come, first served.

Commedia Sexy All'Italiana For Sale

The Mood Mosaic 2 : Barnie’s Grooves

I don’t know whether Barnie is a real person, but this collection of tracks with his name certainly does a great job of presenting some classic ’70s memories.

Compilations are great for long drives and busy work, when they’re done right. If you’re looking for energy, action, with a lot of soul, and a touch of lounge, The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves is something you need to know.

This 16 track Italian Import, from 1997, has original television and movie soundtracks along with funky jazzy contemporary versions of familiar tunes.  They work together to create an hour long experience of action and nostalgia for great movies and television.

We at Turntabling fancy the  two tracks from a Yorkshire TV action series, The Hanged Man, that close out the CD.  These are high energy tracks from a ’70s television series new to us. We’re seeking out this one season show, because the music is so enticing.

Turntabling has a copy of the CD of The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves for sale on Discogs –first come, first served.

Mood Mosaic 2 barnie's grooves for sale
Jen Kilzer

Sink Your Teeth Into The Malenka OST

 A gorgeous woman inherits a title, an ancient castle, an intense painting that resembles her, and a new set of relatives with extraordinary smiles.  Malenka, La Nipote del Vampiro , a.k.a. Fangs of the Living Dead (1969) is a spooky Spanish/Italian movie with beauties abound.

Carlo Savina’s soundtrack is thick with the harpsichord chills and whistling winds. This limited edition (pressing of 500) Quartet Records CD, also includes the score to the movie  I Diabolici Convegni , a.k.a. Las Amantes del Diablo (1971).  This suspense film involves , a missing woman, a curious sister, and a suspicious doctor. All together, there’s 65:39 minutes of haunted castle and suspense music.  

Turntabling has a CD copy of Malenka, La Nipote del Vampiro for sale at  First come, first served.  

Malenka Soundtrack  Compact Disc For Sale




Goblin Soundtrack CDs

Goblin are gearing up for a small U.S. tour, and the lucky ones who got tickets to see these shows are likely going back through their collections to see what’s missing from their Goblin section. There are plenty of fairly lustworthy titles by the Italian prog/funk outfit, including a number of Goblin titles which Turntabling has for sale at

Goblin and various ex-members have all contributed to a variety of soundtracks–not just the horror films they made their names on. More than a few Italian action movies and one sci-fi horror hybrid has some Goblin on it.

And then there’s the horror sounds themselves, including the INFAMOUS Buio Omega, which you could call a kitchen sink horror movie featuring grave robbing, a bit of necrophilia perhaps, typical slasher movie conventions, even some psychological thriller stuff tossed in for good measure.

Turntabling is constantly on the lookout for more Goblin titles, so if you find any or have some you want to sell, do get in touch.

You can see all the Goblin titles Turntabling has in stock at the time this writing, but Goblin tends to sell out fast–when theses CDs are gone, they’re gone. First come, first served!!

First New Sale Items Posted

It’s official, Turntabling is back in the record selling biz! I got things started tonight with a nice selection of import and hard-to-find soundtrack CDs, but the vinyl is DEFINITELY on its way.

Turntabling is selling on and soon our Etsy shop will be back up and running, too.

For those of you visiting for the first time, Turntabling is my small, scrappy indie vinyl preservation effort. I’m based in Chicago and I archive rare and weird vinyl, buy/sell/trade LPs and CDs and basically live the vinyl lifestyle. In the spring and summer I do Vinyl Road Rage, which is a cross-country vinyl buying and blogging spree. Last time out it was Chicago to San Antonio, Texas and prior to that I’ve gone from Chicago to NYC and out to many other far flung places.

If you have vinyl to sell or titles you’re looking to buy, do get in touch. You can reach me at

Thanks for reading and I look forward to listing tons of rare, unusual, hard-to-find, and just plain amazing vinyl records. Stay tuned…I have thousands of titles, it just takes a bit of time to load em all in!

–Joe Wallace

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Soundtrack CDs for Sale

If you’ve been to the Turntabling store you know there are a LOT of soundtrack sounds for sale there. I am a rabid collector of Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Piero Umiliani, and plenty of other Italian soundtracks so I run across a great deal of interesting finds in my search for new-to-me discoveries.

Here’s a sampling of some of the things currently for sale from Turntabling via I am trying to list more titles for sale through this site here, but the inventory process is slow going so in the meantime I want to direct your attention to these…

A super-trippy excursion into sci-fi prog(?) and loungey sounds...this French oddity is well worth the time–the opening track is worth the entire price of the album, in my opinion. This sort of thing needs more exposure in the USA, for sure.

The spoken portions of the record are in French, but for non-speakers like me, it just lends an exotic tinge to the whole thing…super sample-able for DJ sets to be sure. There are some great instrumentals here and this little experiment works–fans of Air and Mello should definitely explore this CD.

You can buy Je Suis Vivant, Mail J’ai Peur by Gilbert Deflez from Turntabling via


The Morricone soundtrack for La Donna Invisible is one of his most haunting and sentimental (in a good, melancholy way) of his entire career. I’ve never seen the movie this soundtrack comes from, which is a shame–now I’m sure it could never live up to the expectations I’d have knowing the soundtrack inside and out the way I do.

Like his work on Verushcka, this music stands firmly in its own musical zip code, a completely unique sounding collection of tracks. I HIGHLY recommend this soundtrack, especially if you’re already hooked on the work of Ennio Morricone and are looking for more.

You can buy this CD from Turntabling via


Goblin is well-known for their horror soundtrack work for Dario Argento, but the band also did work for other directors including the film Notturno. If you liked the sounds Goblin worked up for George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, you will hear a continuation of some of those motifs on this soundtrack.

For Notturno, Goblin drew more on its prog roots–this is a long way from the synth-fuelled Itallo Disco sounds of Tenebre or the creepy overtones of Buio Omega…but this soundtrack really works when it’s firing on all cylinders, so to speak. A nice one from the same lads who did Contamination, Deep Red and so many others…

You can buy this Italian import CD by Goblin from Turntabling via


Crippled Dick Hot Wax is an import label I’m completely addicted to. For a long time they were putting releases like Popshopping and the sequel featured here, Popshopping 2, out like there was no tomorrow.

Popshopping and Popshopping 2 are collections of German tracks from radio and television commercials–a fun set of time capsule tracks featuring some legendary names including the Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra–Thomas was responsible for the then-famous track, “Opium” which was a seriously lounge/disco take on parts of the 2001 A Spacey Odessey theme.

He also did the soundtrack for Chariots Of The Gods…that goofy “UFOs Brought Life To Earth” psuedo-documentary.

I highly recommend the Popshopping series, I’ve got a copy of Popshopping 2 for sale over at Discogs that would be a great addition to your next groovy party playlist.

When I was a young kid seeing Empire of the Ants for the first time (at the drive-in, no less) it fairly scared the crap out of me. How little I suspected about how cheesy the movie truly was or the cast of has-beens, about-to-become has-beens and B-listers that show up for this.

Seeing this on a double drive-in bill with Food of the Gods was priceless. Now the soundtrack is here with that deliciously lurid cover art that I’d like to get as large as possible for framing…because, well–LOOK at that!

The only thing I am even capable of thinking of when I hear the music for this movie is the bugs-eye-view scenes of Joan Collins screaming her head off. This is a great six-pack movie and deserves its own special shrine in a cheese factory someplace, truly.
You can get your mitts on my ONE COPY of this soundtrack CD for sale from Turntabling via

This is just a small sampling of what’s for sale from Turntabling via I sell there to raise funds for Turntabling, Vinyl Road Rage and related fun that gets posted here, so remember–when you buy from Turntabling you’re supporting the site and being a patron of the arts as it were–and I truly appreciate that support!

If you find one of these releases has sold out or get a Page Not Found, please have a look at the main Turntabling inventory at Discogs for the latest additions to the vinyl and CDs for sale there.

–Joe Wallace