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Selling Vinyl on Turntabling

Turntabling does indeed sell vinyl records–rare vinyl, hard-to-find LPs, strange records, interesting and out-of-print albums, collector’s items and generally awesome records. A lot of extremely collectible records pass through my collection and wind up for sale at horror and sci-fi fan conventions, on the Turntabling shop, in my Etsy store (see the links in the righthand column) and elsewhere.

There are two reasons why people buy from Turntabling. One, I do pride myself on finding rare and obscure vinyl. I have interests that span a variety of genres including industrial music, electronic/experimental, dub, reggae, psych, spoken word, and new wave. I look for things I myself want to own, and often wind up with duplicates for one reason or another. One of those reasons is that I buy record collections (get in touch with me at for more information).

But the most important thing you should know about Turntabling–the proceeds from all these record sales go to fund Vinyl Road Rage and the Turntabling site in general. When you buy from Turntabling, you’re supporting the site financially–that’s something that’s really important to me and I truly appreciate that support. Thank you to all those who buy vinyl and CDs from Turntabling on Etsy, Discogs, at the conventions and elsewhere. You are the reason why the site still exists!

–Joe Wallace

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The Latest Vinyl For Sale From The Turntabling Collection

The Turntabling Collection is the vinyl I’m listing for sale to help fund the site, including the Vinyl Road Rage trips we feature every year. Also, if you have vinyl records to sell, I do buy collections and am willing to travel for the right titles. I am currently looking for 80s and 90s goth/industrial and new wave records along with soundtracks and unusual spoken-word albums.

Here is the latest rare, hard-to-find, and just plain amazing vinyl currently in stock and up for sale:

Turntabling Wants To Buy Your Record Collection

I do buy record collections and you can contact me about selling your vinyl at What I am looking for: post-punk, soundtrack LPs, new wave, unusual records of any kind, spoken word, experimental, ambient, electronic, lounge, and especially horror and science fiction related vinyl. What I am NOT looking for and will NOT buy for any reason: Broadway and show tunes records, country, hip hop made before 1993, and especially classic rock albums. No. Don’t even bother with these titles, please!

Here are some of the vinyl records I am currently looking for specifically, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch about any of the records you’d like to get rid of!

Collecting Vinyl Vs. Mp3 Downloads

I’ve been pondering an article by Dave Allen about the future of music, where he points out that today’s music consuming public doesn’t seem to want to OWN music as much as have access to it.

This is a bit of a contradiction in my world, where people seem to be quite rabid about their record collections, new acquisitions, etc. To read Dave Allen’s article, you might come away thinking that buying and selling vinyl is an endangered pastime.

But after a second look, it seems clear that where Dave Allen’s music-consuming discussion ends–with a warning to musicians to carefully reconsider the type of business they’re in–my world actually begins.

Because when you think about the type of business vinyl buyers and sellers are in, it seems clear that it’s more than just the music. There is a real addiction (at least for me) to the entire experiece of collecting vinyl. The thrill of the hunt, the artwork, the tactile nature of an LP versus the intangible download…all of these things add up to a desire for EXPERIENCES and not just the simple act of listening to a new record.

Taking Dave Allen’s advice, I find that buying and selling records has as much to do with nostalgia, community, and aesthetics as it does sound. Knowing that makes it easier to understand and articulate.

I’ll never be a vinyl purist–I do love the convenience of the MP3–but there are just some things that beg to be purchased on vinyl. In some cases, vinyl is the only way you can experience the release short of Youtube posts. In others, that must-buy urge is fueled because the packaging is amazing, the artwork is really good, and the music is strong enough to motivate you to support the artist by purchasing the album. Maybe everyone doesn’t share my love for the aesthetics, so I ask–why do YOU collect vinyl LPs?

–Joe Wallace

Vinyl For Sale: Fitzcarraldo, Legendary Pink Dots, Maniac Cop Soundtrack Vinyl

The rare, cool, hard-to-find and unusual vinyl is starting to pile up again in the Turntabling Collection for sale on

There’s some classic Italian soundtrack sounds on the fabulous Easy Tempo label, some really awesome Legendary Pink Dots LPs, the soundtrack to Fitzcarraldo featuring the always-amazing Popol Vuh, plus a very rare SEALED version of the Maniac Cop soundtrack.

These records are for sale to raise funds to continue the mission of Turntabling to buy and archive rare and unusual vinyl from around the globe. Turntabling is assembling a vinyl archive that I’m hoping will find a home in a public space that will serve as a vinyl museum of sorts.

That’s one reason why I am in search of vinyl collections to purchase, but anyone who wants to donate a collection or portions of their collection to the cause, please get in touch via e-mail:

Please keep in mind when selling or donating vinyl that the Turntabling Collection needs both items for the archive and titles to sell for fundraising purposes. But this endeavor is definitely a worthy cause and I’ll have more news about the archive, places where you can browse the sale portion of the collection and much more.

If you have vinyl records you want to sell or donate, please get in touch at the e-mail listed above, and thank you for your continued interest and support!

–Joe Wallace

First New Sale Items Posted

It’s official, Turntabling is back in the record selling biz! I got things started tonight with a nice selection of import and hard-to-find soundtrack CDs, but the vinyl is DEFINITELY on its way.

Turntabling is selling on and soon our Etsy shop will be back up and running, too.

For those of you visiting for the first time, Turntabling is my small, scrappy indie vinyl preservation effort. I’m based in Chicago and I archive rare and weird vinyl, buy/sell/trade LPs and CDs and basically live the vinyl lifestyle. In the spring and summer I do Vinyl Road Rage, which is a cross-country vinyl buying and blogging spree. Last time out it was Chicago to San Antonio, Texas and prior to that I’ve gone from Chicago to NYC and out to many other far flung places.

If you have vinyl to sell or titles you’re looking to buy, do get in touch. You can reach me at

Thanks for reading and I look forward to listing tons of rare, unusual, hard-to-find, and just plain amazing vinyl records. Stay tuned…I have thousands of titles, it just takes a bit of time to load em all in!

–Joe Wallace

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Turntabling Wants Your Record Collection: We Buy Vinyl

You read that correctly–Turntabling is once again actively in search of record collections to purchase in part or in whole, depending on the collection. If you have a list of vinyl for sale (please include the condition of the vinyl wherever possible) please get in touch by e-mail:

Turntabling has specific needs–we are definitely NOT looking for 78s, big band, show tunes, country, hip-hop records made after 1992, classical records, or classic rock albums of any kind. What ARE we looking for?

Turntabling is willing to buy record collections with prominent new wave, post-punk, industrial, synth-based music, prog, reggae, dub, experimental, and spoken word. Soundtracks are of particular interest, especially Italian titles. We are VERY interested in bizarre records of any type regardless of genre. Weird records in any genre INCLUDING the ones we say we don’t collect are fine. The weirder the better. Especially sound effects records, preachers, “this year in history” albums, beat poets, etc.

If you have vinyl to sell, please get in touch. We are based in Chicago and are willing to travel reasonable distances for vinyl collections that warrant the mileage. Do get in touch if you want to sell us your record collection.