Otto or Up With Dead People Soundtrack Double LP


I’ve read bits and pieces about this here and there, but WTF is it? A zombie movie? A goth-zombie movie? A movie about a goth who wants to be a zombie? A gay zombie porn flick? All the above? Bruce LaBruce directs Otto or Up With Dead People. I saw the actual phrase “gay zombie revolt against consumerist society” so I have no idea what this flick is on about. But the soundtrack is available in a double vinyl set and it is chock full of bewilderingly diverse sounds. Have a gander it at to see what I mean. By far, The Homophobes track, “Everybody’s Dead” is my favorite thus far. But I have to say, any band that dares call themselves The Pandas of Black Metal deserves at least a single listen.

This soundtrack is available from one of my favorite destinations on the web, Crippled Dick Hot Wax who for a time were putting out soundtrack sounds, the PopShopping series and other excellent oddities…but they have evolved into something a bit different over the years. I’m just glad they’re still a going concern. Check out their nice selection of mutated music, but especially the Rare Grooves section.

In the meantime, I await Otto or Up With Dead People to see what the hell Bruce LaBruce is on about. It does sound intriguing as I’m a fan of zombie films in general and mutant cinema as well….