WTF Album Covers Disco Rick Has A Mouthful For You

WTF album covers Disco Rick

If you think this is a throwaway from Chappelle’s Show, think again. The Negro’s Back by Disco Rick is one hell of a bewildering album cover. Is he brandishing the KKK hood because he just beat the living crap out of some inbred redneck throwback or is he threatening to MAKE YOU WEAR IT?

The flames on this WTF album cover are also confusing. Is Disco Rick in HELL here? Or maybe he’s just set fire to his own pants because, you know, it makes him feel sexy. Disco Rick isn’t sporting any disco attire here, so it’s not exactly clear what kind of disco we’re dealing with here. Perhaps this album cover is actually an ADVERTISEMENT for a redneck disco that features a nightly bonfire and weenie roast. Or maybe Disco Rick is actually a fireman and we’re mistaking a piece of safety equipment for a Klan hood.

No, that’s not right.

There’s SOME kind of statement going on here, just hard to figure out what it is. The noose, the fire, and the hood would all be pretty emotionally loaded, politically charged stuff…except the message is coming from a guy with the word DISCO in his stage name. It’s the equivalent of getting a book in the mail titled, “The Relative Merits of James Joyce and William Faulkner” written by HOWARD STERN.

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