Creepshow OST Blue Vinyl, Eyeball Soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai: Now Available From Turntabling

Eyeball italian horror soundtrack vinylNow available from Turntabling-Bruno Nicolai’s awesome soundtrack to the wet-and-messy Italian slasher classic Eyeball, directed by Umberto Lenzi. Have a look at the trailer at the end of this post, it’s well worth checking out. The script for the trailer itself is priceless. “EYEBALL! You may never live to see the end of it!”

We’re also stocking limited quantities of the Creepshow soundtrack, pressed on blue vinyl. It’s pretty awesome and if seeing the cover art doesn’t make you want to re-watch Creepshow again, hearing the soundtrack definitely will. The film is one of director George Romero’s superior non-zombie films and makes a great Friday night pizza-n-scares title.

Creepshow soundtrack record blue vinyl

This one comes with a built-in booklet featuring production stills, artwork, and liner notes and it also includes a 12×12 art print!

An Eyeball/Creepshow double feature would be an excellent way to spend an evening, don’t you think?