Deep Red Drive-In Trailer and Sountrack

Dario Argento filmed Deep Red (original title: Profundo Russo) back in the mid-70s. Goblin did the soundtrack which alternates between truly excellent and totally goofy. I like both extremes of this, for better or worse. I’m a fan of this, but can’t seem to locate it on vinyl for a reasonable price. In the end I opted for picking up the Japanese import CD because I want my goofy Italian cheese (and the good tracks, too) in superior quality.

The trailer below seems to be custom made for the 70s drive-in circuit. Check out the great cornball voiceover and the lurid editing! Nice. For those who didn’t get to see great stuff like this first-run at a run down drive-in theater, it’s ALMOST a substitute. Why don’t they make trailers this entertainingly low-rent anymore? The movie iteself is a lot of fun, and it’s great to see a post-Blow Up David Hemmings creeping around trying to figure out who the killer is.