Introducing Bubblegum Records


Glasgow was my first exposure to Scotland, and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve heard since visiting that it’s the Scot version of Limerick in Ireland, AKA “Stab City” but I never say anything remotely ugly in Glasgow. Besides, Belle and Sebastian are from there so it couldn’t possibly be all that bad, could it? 


But I digress–Glasgow is also home to the new, fun, and very cool record label Bubblegum Records.  This is a label worth watching. The first release by Bubblegum is from none other than Texas-based Hyperbubble, with a glorious five-song maxi single CD/download titled Better Set Your Phasers To Stun.

Transparency alert–the photography for the Hyperbubble CD is by none other than yours truly–I shot the band while on a recent trip to San Antonio. But this five-song release is a perfect new wave/synthpop confection. (It also features a vocal guest appearance by the great Helen Love. If you don’t know who she is, Helen’s the one who claims to listen ONLY to the Ramones.)

Listen to two of the great tracks from this five song maxi-single and get hooked.  The official release is June 8. ..three cheers to Bubblegum Records in Scotland and three more to Hyperbubble and Helen Love. RECOMMENDED.