Morrissey as Few Have Seen Him Before

There are a million jokes I could make here about Headmaster Rituals, reeling around Morrissey’s fountain, or simply a “You Handsome Devil!”. Instead I’ll simply give credit where credit is due–I discovered this image at the politcally correct International House of Pussy blog. I somehow missed this–it was a seven-inch single released in 2008 in the UK, and while some may think it qualifies as an entry in the WTF series, I will point out that Mister Stephen Morrissey is looking rather buffed out in this picture considering his age. It DOES have the vinyl tie-in I usually require for inclusion in Turntabling, though some might be afraid to look to see whether those are 12-inch singles or 45s. Don’t be afraid, just pretend you are at the doctor’s office. Heh.