CORE Conspiracy International Project LP

CORE Conspiracy International Chris and Cosey Coil Nettwerk Records

Here’s a rarity: a Chris and Cosey project on Nettwerk featuring Monte Cazazza, Boyd Rice, Lustmord, Robert Wyatt, and Coil. CORE, a Conspiracy International Project, has of the guests working with Chris and Cosey on a single track each (by remote with tapes and pre-recorded material delivered to theThrobbing Gristle duo, according to the liner notes) on this seven-cut LP. By far the most intriguing and listenable of the seven is the Coil cut, Feeder.


The Boyd Rice track is easily the weakest entry; Lustmord and the Robert Wyatt collaborations are well done but good as they are, none of the seven cuts truly lives up to the power of Feeder. Nuff respect to the other contributors, but damn…

I scored this recently in excellent condition and am pleased to have found it–anything featuring Coil on vinyl is an especially rare treasure these days. Have a listen to the Coil track from CORE via YouTube…a nice find there, I must say–I didn’t expect to find it lurking, but there it was.

P.S.–This 1988 vinyl LP edition of CORE, a Conspiracy International Project is not for sale per se, but I am open to offers. It’s going for around $40 elsewhere and the COMPACT DISC version sells on eBay for $36. Send an offer to jwallace (at) turntabling dot net if you’re interested.