Goblin Soundtrack CDs

Goblin are gearing up for a small U.S. tour, and the lucky ones who got tickets to see these shows are likely going back through their collections to see what’s missing from their Goblin section. There are plenty of fairly lustworthy titles by the Italian prog/funk outfit, including a number of Goblin titles which Turntabling has for sale at Discogs.com.

Goblin and various ex-members have all contributed to a variety of soundtracks–not just the horror films they made their names on. More than a few Italian action movies and one sci-fi horror hybrid has some Goblin on it.

And then there’s the horror sounds themselves, including the INFAMOUS Buio Omega, which you could call a kitchen sink horror movie featuring grave robbing, a bit of necrophilia perhaps, typical slasher movie conventions, even some psychological thriller stuff tossed in for good measure.

Turntabling is constantly on the lookout for more Goblin titles, so if you find any or have some you want to sell, do get in touch.

You can see all the Goblin titles Turntabling has in stock at the time this writing, but Goblin tends to sell out fast–when theses CDs are gone, they’re gone. First come, first served!!