Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack LP Back In Stock

Dawn of the Dead album vinyl

We were sold out of this awesome slab of 180 gram vinyl goodness, but we have a new supply of the Dagored reissue Dawn of the Dead vinyl LP. This album is one of our all-time best selling titles and a Turntabling favorite. Dawn of the Dead still packs a punch after all these years–there’s nothing quite like it. For all its influence, no other film (even the remake) has come close to capturing the claustrophobia and comedy of the zombie apocalypse.

Romero may have set the bar with Night of the Living Dead, but for some of us die-hard Dawn fans, this is THE film to see. A movie that takes itself seriously but doesn’t come across heavy-handed, has genuinely funny moments without stooping to the lowest common demoninator.

As for the soundtrack, Goblin seems to be in a strange twilight zone between Suspiria and Tenebre when it comes to the compositions. This album sounds like no other–Goblin uses the synth to good effect here, and while the 4 piece guitar/bass/keyboard/drums approach is the main event here, this one doesn’t sound like a rock combo–unlike the Tenebre soundtrack where it’s clear this is a four piece band. Dawn of the Dead manages to be more than a combo but something short of an orchestral thing. A fun anomaly.

Turntabling has the Dawn of the Deaad original soundtrack vinyl LP for sale while supplies last. This is a new, sealed vinyl record. Get it now for $28 plus shipping.

Dawn of the Dead