Our First Vinyl For Sale In Some Time! Heathen Earth by Throbbing Gristle

Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth

Our first record listed for sale as part of the Turntabling return to all things vinyl record-related is none other than the legendary Heathen Earth double LP reissued in 2011.

With the passing of Genesis P. Orridge, Throbbing Gristle’s surviving members are Chris Carter and Cosey Tutti. Chris Carter remastered the LP, which was limited to 2000 for its first reissue run.

Heathen Earth was recorded live, but the remastering by Carter is likely the final say in terms of audio quality; Pitchfork.com contributor Drew Daniel describes Carter’s remastering work in general as a “bullseye”. Drew Daniel has enough time in the saddle, so to speak, to give some good context for what you’ll hear on this album.

“I’ve been listening to these records for 25 years, and for me, this feels like the cleaning of the Sistine Chapel, if the Sistine Chapel were painted by Hieronymous Bosch instead of Michelangelo.”

Daniel adds, “Simply put, the heat and noise and grit and dirt and gristle is still there, but Chris Carter has finally put meat on the bones.”

Buy the Heathen Earth double LP reissue from Turntabling.

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