Paisley Babylon The Alpha Wave Variations On Sale Now

paisley babylon alpha wave variationsPaisley Babylon’s The Alpha Wave Variations is back in print for a limited time. Some say this disc is unclassifiable, but favorable comparisons have been made to John Carpenter, Eno, and other masters of the analog synth in unusual applications.

Part beat-driven electronic psychedelia and part horror film soundtrack, The Alpha Wave Variations straddles a thin line between sonic sculpture and dark new wave.

One reviewer writes, “If Funki Porcini is like ‘shrooming, then Paisley Babylon is like spending several hours in a flotation tank after ingesting a couple of hash brownies. Definitely one of those in the dark listening experiences.”

The sadly defunct Last Sigh Magazine said of The Alpha Wave Variations, “This CD has a foreboding electronic soundscape… strange murders, cannibalistic activities, and ‘graveyard robberies’…setting the stage for eerie events in one’s dream state with weird echos… More strange sounds produced here that I haven’t heard elsewhere…”

Available on CD for a limited time while supplies last, The Alpha Wave Variations has been out of print for many years until now. It’s not available as an MP3 download or vinyl, but the disc is now on sale here at Turntabling. This is a brand new, sealed CD release on Uncle Buzz Records.

Buy The Alpha Wave Variations by Paisley Babylon for $11.00 plus shipping.

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