Profondo Rosso Soundtrack LP by Goblin PRE-ORDER NOW

deep red profondo rosso goblin LP

We had the amazing soundtrack LP for Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso in stock, it quickly sold out, but we’re expecting a nice consignment of this delicious 180 gram vinyl album once more, so we invite you to pre-order the album simply by sending us a message to saying you’d like to reserve a copy.

We won’t bill you for the album until it has arrived and is shipped out to you. All that’s needed is your paypal e-mail address–we’ll send you a request for payment when the viny arrives.

Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso, released in the USA as Deep Red (and sometimes Deep Red Hatchet Murders) is one Argento’s finest contributions to the genre. David Hemmings is fantastic as the musician looking for clues to a murder he witnesses outside an apartment. What he finds is…well, you have to see the movie. Suffice it to say any new fan of Italian horror should fall in love with this one, and old fans already know how well done the movie is in spite of a few flaws along the way…but that’s Italian cinema for you–take the good with the bad.

The soundtrack by Goblin is full of great prog flourishes and is totally unlike the band’s work on Suspiria or Tenebre…Goblin shows tremendous versatility between these three soundtracks, but of the three Deep Red is probably their most musically accomplished in terms of traditional arrangements.

This is a brand new, sealed vinyl LP on sale at Turntabling for $23 plus shipping. The album is available for PRE ORDERS ONLY and ships within the USA only at present. Send your pre-order with the subject line DEEP RED LP PRE-ORDER to complete with your paypal email addy. As mentioned above, Turntabling will send a request for payment when the album is shipped.

Check out the Italian trailer for Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso, also known as Deep Red if you’re on the fence about owning this awesome LP: