The Prisoner File #1: Soundtrack Music from the Original Series

the prisoner file #1 soundtrack music

Ron Grainer’s oddball surf guitar sounds defined an entire television show with his opening and closing theme to the original version of The Prisoner. Thanks to this most excellent collection you get Grainer’s genius plus music from three of the greatest episodes; Arrival, Chimes of Big Ben, and the most excellent A, B and C. This is the music you want to hear as you drive to work to give your two weeks’ notice, load up the car after breaking off a particularly nasty relationship, or just relive one of the greatest television paranoia-fests in history.

DJs will be pleased that there are sample-a-rific dialogue snippets and there are even some unused tracks on this compilation. From the lounge jazz to some of stock library cues, this has a great cross sections of moods and atmospheres. Put on your black jacket, a defiant look, and fight the power! Who is Number One? Why, YOU are, of course.

Turntabling was very pleased to offer this CD (which is now sadly SOLD OUT), The Prisoner File #1 while supplies last. This is a new, sealed compact disc. When in stock, it sells for $16.00 plus shipping. Overseas shipping for this item is $10.00.