The Turntabling Collection: Rare, Hard-To-Find and Awesomeness on CD and LP

Many Turntabling readers know us from conventions including HorrorHound Weekend, Flashback Weekend, Cinema Wasteland, Capricon and Dark Carnival Film Festival.

Turntabling sells rare, hard to find and just plain amazing vinyl and CDs at conventions every year and last year the Turntabling booth got so large I was carting around more than 700 titles. Not bad for a small space at a convention, eh?

When the collection isn’t making the rounds in convention-land, there are many titles for sale online as well. The Turntabling Collection has been offline since the last HorrorHound Weekend and Vinyl Road Rage, but the collection is coming back on line for sale once more.

As with everything else on the web, listing a collection of this size takes time and the inventory is coming up to speed with updates on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for obscurities, Italian soundtrack sounds from Goblin and Morricone, electronic music and analog synth sounds, Isaac Hayes, John Carpenter, Sleep Chamber, Skinny Puppy, Coil, or similar sounds, keep checking The Turntabling Collection as I am updating the for sale list day to day.

–Joe Wallace