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The Yardbirds in Blow Up


Blow Up is one of my all-time favorites from the 60s. Shot during the heyday of Swinging London, this movie features a soundtrack by Herbie Hancock (listed in the credits as “Herbert Hancock”, heh) and an appearance by Jimmy Page and company as The Yardbirds. The crowd is completely motionless for the duration of the performance, til you get to the best part of this great clip—some apeshit guitar smashing.

Blow Up is one of the best movies of the mid 60s, and the soundtrack is amazing. Check out the discontinued 180 gram vinyl edition of this while you can, it’s going fast.

I also highly recommend the Herbie Hancock Blow Up Extra Sessions CD, if you can find it…

The Breed: Retro Goodness From Down Under

I knew nothing about this fun outfit from Australia before I stumbled across them on YouTube while searching for groovy sounds and bowl haircuts. And now “The Clothes She Wears” by The Breed is stuck in my head on endless repeat. At least til the caffeine wears off. This is good stuff! The Breed hail from Tasmania, playing Brit Invasion/Mersey Sound style with some punk-pop thrown in for good measure. They are featured on a variety of comps including the vinyl Trans-Pacific Pop Conspiracy EP on Smashed Records, which you can also check out via KlickTrack

. Here’s a sampling of The Breed. Cheers, lads!