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Bruno Nicolai Marquis De Sade Vinyl LP

Bruno Nicolai and Jess Franco? Yes indeed! De Sade was seemingly a favorite topic of Franco’s, he kept coming back to the famous old pervert again and again, if not directly, certainly in the concepts and themes of those naughty old stories. Bondage, S&M, blood, you name it…Franco and De Sade go together like coffee and cream.

The soundtrack for this film is just what you’d expect from Nicolai, who composed and conducted with Morricone, which is likely why you hear some textures and techniques in common with good ol’ Ennio’s work.

Turntabling has a copy for sale of this delicious vinyl pairing of two Maestros working together back in 1969…this is the Finders Keepers edition with the purple cover. If you love the sexy sounds of Jess Franco movies and have a thing for classic Italian soundtrack composers like Bruno Nicolai, have a listen to this record…(sample below) and you’ll wonder why you haven’t added this to your collection yet.

Bruno Nicolai Marquis De Sade 70 vinylYou can buy this vinyl edition of Marquis De Sade from the Turntabling Discogs shop while supplies last. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Check out the track from this LP below, “Drug Party”, which is pretty awesome.

–Joe Wallace

Gene Page: Blacula Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Above is the animated open for the horror movie, Blacula. William Mashall stars as an African prince bitten and cursed to be the undead by Dracula many generations ago. In 1972, his coffin ends up in Los Angeles. To the funky music of the city, Blacula looks for the human blood he needs to sustain his life. He meets a woman who looks like his wife, who died long ago. Perhaps, it is his wife, back to save him from loneliness.

The soundtrack is a soulful mix of instrumentals and songs that stand the test of time. Gene Page conducts some beats that are vibrant and smooth. Including this one called (aptly?) Good To The Last Drop.

The Hues Corporation provide vocals to some of the songs on the soundtrack. Including this heart-breaking tune that represents Blacula’s longing his long lost bride, The Main Chance. Like the film, the soundtrack makes you feel for the man Blacula once was. Hear the longing in the lyrics (after the advertisement).

The soundtrack is a Turntabling must have. We put extra copies we find on Discogs – First come, First served. Right now, we have a sealed copy of the vinyl reissue LP for sale. It is spooky and funky at the same time, always a great combination.

Blacula vinyl LP soundtrack for sale Horror movies

Commedia Sexy All’Italiana – Italian Sex Comedy Soundtrack CD (NSFW)

Roberto Pregadio, one of the great composers from the Kriminal soundtrack adds an incredible  music for the soundtrack to the movie Il Medico…La Studentessa.

A man and a woman look surprised by circumstances around them. The fellow is adjusting some of his clothing. The woman is topless and the rest of her garments are sheer.

As a CD with artwork that’s not safe for most workplaces, Commedia Sexy All’Italiana has some lovely soundtrack selections that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are twenty tracks from the late ’60s and early ’70s. It also has a booklet showing scenes and posters from the original movies.

In the ’70s film makers worldwide turned to sex to sell movie tickets. The Italian film producers employed the same composers who added jazzy excitement to their western and horror genres to score the comedies where the women shed their clothing and the men became hot and bothered.

This collection shows that the music added to the comedies whimsy, passion and naughtiness. The tracks stand out with a sexiness all their own. Commedia Sexy All’Italiana might not be safe to play at work, without the headphones and a cover for the lady on the case. These tracks would be great for your collection of inventive film soundtracks and additional sexy swing to any party or dance floor.

Turntabling has a CD copy of Commedia Sexy All’Italiana for sale at our Discogs store. It is, of course first come, first served.

Commedia Sexy All'Italiana For Sale

The Mood Mosaic 2 : Barnie’s Grooves

I don’t know whether Barnie is a real person, but this collection of tracks with his name certainly does a great job of presenting some classic ’70s memories.

Compilations are great for long drives and busy work, when they’re done right. If you’re looking for energy, action, with a lot of soul, and a touch of lounge, The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves is something you need to know.

This 16 track Italian Import, from 1997, has original television and movie soundtracks along with funky jazzy contemporary versions of familiar tunes.  They work together to create an hour long experience of action and nostalgia for great movies and television.

We at Turntabling fancy the  two tracks from a Yorkshire TV action series, The Hanged Man, that close out the CD.  These are high energy tracks from a ’70s television series new to us. We’re seeking out this one season show, because the music is so enticing.

Turntabling has a copy of the CD of The Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie’s Grooves for sale on Discogs –first come, first served.

Mood Mosaic 2 barnie's grooves for sale
Jen Kilzer

Three The Hard Way Soundtrack LP by The Impressions

Three The Hard Way featured the triple threat of Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, and Jim Brown…with a lot of excellent music from The Impressions.

The movie is hilarious–the villian is the same guy who played Doctor Shrinker on Saturday morning TV, which makes every one of his scenes 100% more fun to watch. The premise of this movie is basically that a villian named Feather (yes, really) wants to create a virus that will selectively wipe out only one portion of mankind. Guess which portion a crazy white guy with sinister eyebrows wants to get rid of?

Jim Kelly and company bust heads and take out the bad guys, naturally.

My favorite thing about the movie-aside from, well, everything else, is that the soundtrack basically describes the entire plot of the movie. All the lyrics tell you everything you need to know about the movie–awesomeness abounds.

It’s a shame these three guys didn’t do about 100 of these movies together, the chemistry is great and they would have made an excellent series of crazy-ass movies. Sure, this movie has its share of filler, but as an artifact of good old fashioned drive-in movie making, I give it two thumbs way up…and the Three The Hard Way soundtrack is 100% pure gold.

Check out this clip from Three The Hard Way, with Jim Kelly giving a racist cop the business–and groove to that sitar-drenched soundtrack!

Isaac Hayes Tough Guys Soundtrack & Trailer


Isaac Hayes scored this great, cheesy Italian action flick called Tough Guys. The soundtrack is classic Hayes, including the waka-waka guitars he made famous in Shaft. The vinyl for this is still available…you can find it second hand in used record shops, but it’s also available in limited quantities on Amazon. A better value might be to buy and download the MP3 double-album of Tough Guys AND Truck Turner, also scored by and starring Isaac Hayes.

Check out the trailer for this goof-fest, inexplicably named Three Tough Guys for simpleton American drive-in audiences. Too bad the theme song is all about TWO tough guys. Heh. Check out the trailer for this one…Isaac Hayes chewing up the astroturf with his sidekick…a bareknuckle-brawlin’ Catholic Priest!