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Letter To Brezhnev Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Here’s an interesting clip that I found about making of the 80s film, Letter to Brezhnev.

This week is a good time to talk about Letter To Brezhnev, the film and the soundtrack for many reasons. First, the movie is partially a love story involving two people from different cultures. Spring is around the corner and Valentine’s day is less than a week away.

Elaine and Peter meet extra sexy and cute,staring across a crowded dance floor while Bronski Beat song, Hit That Perfect Beat, plays on the speakers. This song’s connection to the cross country/culture love story is evident in the video and the film’s trailer. The attraction of two lonely individuals has to be strong enough to keep the audience for the rest of the story. This song zaps the listener an extra naughty thunderbolt that’s unforgettable.

Due to current suggested Russian policies, playing Bronski Beat in Russia today may become grounds for imprisonment. In 1985, however, their music spun on turntables, worldwide. The song was the ‘perfect’ choice for the soundtrack.
The soundtrack album states that some songs did not appear in the film. Perhaps it was part of the financing for the film that is mentioned in the introduction clip, that some songs would pad the soundtrack. The bonus songs are commercials for other artists on the label.

I haven’t seen the movie in a long time, so except for Hit That Perfect Beat and The Letter to Brezhnev Theme (guessing here),  I don’t remember which songs were actually in the film. It is a great collection of songs from the mid ’80s with one song from the ’60s (Sadie Shaw’s version of Always Something There To Remind Me).

As the film evolves, Elaine battles for a chance to see her love again, for a chance to resume the most amazing relationship she’s ever known. Elaine has to argue and plead with government leaders and consider leaving her family and friends to be with Peter again.

Whether this song is in the film or not, I can’t remember. It sure is a nice one to have, though, Wild Party by A Certain Ratio.

Finally, another reason to think of this film lately is because, it comes from  and is about life in Liverpool. It’s another piece of art from the same great city that brought us The Beatles.

Turtabling has a sealed copy of Letter to Brezhnev vinyl LP for sale on Discogs–first come, first served.

Jen Kilzer

Letter to Brezhnev vinyl LP for sale

Get Crazy: Trailers from Hell

Trailers from Hell is an excellent and informative YouTube series. Advertising is a complex game and sometimes a film and its trailer send different messages. In the fascinating clip above, the director of Get Crazy explains why he thinks the film became an underground rare gem.  He believes the trailer is part of a weak advertising campaign, one which the film almost did not survive. The masters for the film and the soundtrack are lost at the moment.

The ‘Bialystocking’ Alan Arkush mentions is a form of investment and tax dodging that’s performed by the character Max Bialystock in the film (and, later Broadway musical) The Producers. More money is put into a project than ever expected to be gained back. The producers can (if they don’t get caught) take the extra revenue collected to do with what they please. In these cases, many investors have contracts that guarantee payment only  if a film collects a certain amount at the box office.

Apparently, the producers of Get Crazy expected a film that did poorly would not to be investigated for tax purposes. They released the film, about a New Year’s celebration, in the  August of 1983 (see the poster in the clip below). It’s like a Christmas movie in July.  One has to agree, that the director has reason to suspect the producers wanted limited success.

Little did the producers realize (or probably even care) that Alan Arkush and company would create such a great product that stands the test of comedy time, more than 30 years later. The director of Rock and Roll High School hit music and comedy gold once again.The line up for Get Crazy not only included the Ramones, but Lou Reed, Marshall Crenshaw, Sparks (above), and Fear.  Actors Malcolm McDowell and Bill Henderson perform as a drugged out glam rocker and old school blues fellow, respectively. Here’s a clip of Fear with Lori Eastside & Nada that ‘s filled with energy (note:  NSFW language and drug themes).

 The Get Crazy soundtrack album one of many favorites at Turntabling. We discovered the film late night on cable as teens. It’s sad to know that the people involved may have been stiffed by the producers.

With luck, Get Crazy, the film  and soundtrack, will get restored and the TLC they deserve. Meanwhile, we do find promo copies of the 1983 LP, quite often.  In 2010, Joe Wallace  had his personal copy of the soundtrack signed by Reggie Wanker himself, Malcolm McDowell.  We’ll give you a heads up in the blog, if we find any copies to sell.

Jen Kilzer

Get Crazy Autographed Malcom McDowell

Riz Ortolani Farewell

We here at Turntabling are sad to hear of the passing of Riz Ortolani. The scope of his soundtrack work is enormous. His mark on the world of pop culture soundtracks continues into the present day. Many comments on social media thank the 2011 film ‘Drive’ for the composer’s introduction. Also, Quentin Tarantino has used the composer’s work in more than one film because he enjoys it so much. For that we’re glad.

One of our favorite soundtrack’s of Mr. Ortolani is the 1969 thriller Una sull’altra a.k.a. Perversion Story. The swinging grooves of this one fit the images presented of wild San Francisco nightlife like a glove. Listening to the menu screen of the DVD several times before playing the movie is actually a joy. The music is that wonderful.

Of course, there’s not enough room to completely cover the great soundtracks that this master has contributed to. Turntabling has several titles  on Discogs.  Riz Ortolani’s soundtracks for sale at the moment are first come, first served. We’ll keep our eyes out for more, as we know he has plenty of fans.  For that, we’re glad, they are well deserved.

Killer Crocodile for Sale
Jen Kilzer

Manhunter Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Brian Cox discusses his work as Hannibal Lecter in the film Manhunter. He also reveals why he’s not envious of success of Anthony Hopkins has enjoyed with the character.  This is an interesting interview with a fine actor, who explains why he has no regrets about his work in a fine adaptation.

Manhunter was a 1986 adaptation of the book Red Dragon, directed by Michael Mann. ‘Dr. Lecktor’  has a small, yet pivotal role in the film’s complete story. The action’s main focus is the FBI pursuit of  the serial killer called ‘The Tooth Fairy’. The audience gets to visit the killer and view him as a multifaceted individual with a motivation to stop his rampage.

Manhunter is an excellent, pop inspired 1980s soundtrack. Fans of the television show Miami Vice know that Michael Mann weaves action angles and music like no one else.  His choices of songs and incidental melodies inject color into a story, even when the subject matter is dark and violent. There’s a lot of energy to this soundtrack to accompany steady rise of suspense, unease, and body count.


The band Shriekback, a favorite of Turntabling, appears three times on this album. They add a sinister and sensual groove to the film. Here is Evaporation (after a :15 commercial)

Finally, what is an American ’80s soundtrack without at least one hark back to the ’60s? When I find one, I’ll tell you.  Until then, Manhunter has a cut of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida that is shorter than the original (8:19), but long enough to cover an intense series of events in the film. This version is a great choice for the dance floor (you know, bring out lots of different people).

Turtabling has a copy of the vinyl LP of the Manhunter soundtrack for sale, first come, first served.

Manhunter Soundtrack vinyl LP For Sale