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WTF: Riot Narita Album Cover

Riot bad album cover art Narita LPBeing the curator of a bad album cover collection has its downsides. There are the endless rejects–album covers that simply aren’t rotten ENOUGH to include in a gallery of truly craptacular designs.

You have to wade through a lot of mediocrity to find real gems of awfulness. But when you do finally spot a brain shatteringly bad album cover, there’s a part of your soul that leaps for joy. And there was some handsprings going on today with the discovery of Riot’s Narita LP, truly one of the most deliciously shitty things we’ve found in a long time.

Beavis and Butthead once made fun of a Edie Brickell video, Butthead muttering,  “She’s pinching a loaf!” as Brickell crouched on the ground to sing. That’s exactly what echoes through the mind when gazing upon this miserable pimento loaf of an album cover. It looks like this mutant wrestler/mammal thing is crapping out skeletons as its being buzzed by an 80s era cargo plane. Continue reading WTF: Riot Narita Album Cover

WTF: Big Bear Doin Thangs

big bear doin thangs bad album art

Rap once again snatches the bad album cover artwork spotlight away from Southern Gospel warblers, heavy metal lunkheads, and singer/songwriters. What a misguided pile of conceptual sludge this cover is! Let’s start with the idea that this guy’s rapper name is Big Bear. He’s surrounded by bears, but expects us to infer that he–the only non-bear in the photograph–is actually Big Bear. Ok. Thanks for that. It’s a stretch, but after about ten minutes of thinking about it, wee get it now. You aren’t ACTUALLY a bear that found itself in possession of a working set of vocal chords.


What is up with the stupid crap everyone is WEARING in this photograph? Is Big Bear wearing an ASCOT? What gives? Continue reading WTF: Big Bear Doin Thangs

WTF: Count Your Blessings

wretched album art count your blessings

There’s so much wrong going on here it’s impossible to know where to begin. For starters, the album is by Willie Sutherland. So which one is Willie? They BOTH look like they just got out of an afternoon of shock therapy to cure them of “unfortunate tendencies” towards unchurchly behavior–probably attending R rated movies or wearing provacative beachwear. Can you picture either one of these yokels wearing a speedo? Perish the very idea.

And what’s with the TIES? Are we getting this album done between shifts working for Col. Sanders or what?

Then there’s the inclusion of the child, precariously wobbling on the pew, waiting for the inevitable head injury. Count your blessings? You mean like being able to get this photo snapped before the tragedy? The worst part of ALL this is the track list. It’s nothing but a bunch of copyright free church hymns you’re already forced to sing every Sunday if you’re goofy enough to haul your ass out of bed to hang out with these dorks. So what’s the incentive to BUY this record?

My favorite part about this cover? The sunglasses. I don’t know why, but it makes me think of Twin Peaks–the Horne brothers scheming away at One-Eyed Jacks. Just look at that smarmy face, already thinking about things far away from this awful album cover. Maybe reposessing a trailer house or sneaking off to to naughty things to the 17-year old prom queen working at the Tastee Freeze.

Moldover Album Cover is Also a Theremin


I found this amazing little oddity referenced at The Walrus. It’s a CD cover for an album by Moldover which is–I am certain–the first of its kind. The artwork is actually a circuit board that is a working theremin. No cheesy toy, this–there is an explanation video showing the theremin/CD art at work and it sounds FANTASTIC. I am stunned by how great this is–a great marketing gimmick that is also a no BS musical instrument. Both retro and future at the same time, this wins hands down as the coolest thing I’ve seen all year in terms of indie music innovation.