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Goblin Nonhosonno OST Vinyl LP

Goblin OST NonHoSonno

Dario Argento was said to be in comeback mode with his 2001 slasher film Non Ho Sonno, known in America as Sleepless. It got mixed reviews and while the film has an ambitious look and benefits from the late, great Max Von Sydow, many will be attracted to Non Ho Sonno on the basis of the soundtrack; Argento and Goblin go back a long way and the familiar combination of prog guitar (plus some metal influences) and synth riffs is definitely back.

It’s important to note that the film itself may fall flat for American viewers since Sleepless was trimmed for violence before being released to American audiences–pacing and other key aspects of filmaking usually suffer at the hands of the censors and it’s likely that this movie is no exception. If you haven’t seen the film, seek out the European cut of the film if at all possible. We aren’t aware of subsequent American releases that may be censorship-free, but that does NOT mean they do not exist.

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