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Turntabling Records Presents Electronic Penis Choppers

Turntabling Records, our Chicago-based microlabel, has released the first album by Electronic Penis Choppers (we can hear you snickering at the name already). Sex Music for H.P. Lovecraft is now available for Download and the group is already hard at work on a followup album.

Electronic Penis Choppers is working so hard, in fact, that it has whipped out (so to speak) a demo and music video for the newest track (which is NOT on the new album, we might add.)

The video for the demo, called Sex Bandsaw, features public domain video images from Eurohorror films and exploitation movies and while the band insists the track is a work in progress, it sounds pretty damn trippy regardless. Behold the video for Sex Bandsaw by Electronic Penis Choppers. Your stereo may never be the same. Electronic Penis Choppers will have a familiar ring to it for fans of Coil, Throbbing Gristle, The Orb and Apex Twin. The group doesn’t mind wearing its influences on their sleeves, that’s for certain.