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NSFW 8-Track Tape And Vinyl: Lustful Perversions!

Yes, that is a badly photographed 8-track tape of an album called The Sex Life of a Perverted Housewife, which could be the same material as the vinyl LP seen in the NSFW image below. We have not heard the 8-track tape, so if you are in the know you’re one step ahead of us.

Turntabling first got wind of these kinds of records after reading a few Twitter posts by none other than William Gibson, author of Neuromancer himself, discussing the under-the-counter truck stop sales of x-rated 8-track tapes made available (unofficially) for horny truckers.

These records are far from sexy, but they are DELIRIOUSLY entertaining if you are a fan of badfilm, are a member of the Church of the Subgenius, or have a penchant for hearing audio sex scenarios performed by people who sound like they have had very recent head injuries.

In other words, PURE AUDIO GOLD.

Oh, they are totally sexist piggy material to be sure-in the same way that dudes made sex movies for other dudes, that’s what you’re getting here. So yes, some of our laughter is directed at the mindset and attitudes on display here as total museum pieces.

You know the way people laugh today at the Victorians for putting pant legs on their piano legs because, you know, they were naked LEGS? Yeah, we’re laughing at THESE assholes in the same way.

PS-there is YOUTUBE AUDIO of the 8-track, which seems to be similar to the vinyl (haven’t given that one a spin in a while, mind you) and this Youtube material is NOT SAFE FOR WORK so play at your own peril. Naturally the video clip below is subject to deletion by Youtube at anytime so the link is good as long as it lasts.

Also, we’d like to point out that we don’t advocate or applaud male-gazey imagery or attitudes, but we DO snicker at them as the tired old worn-out stupid male aggro nonsense that they are.