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WTF Album Covers: Before Lil’ Kim, Lil Wayne and Lil Jon…

Before Lil’ Kim started a “mee too” bandwagon longer than your arm, here was Lil’ Richard, toiling away in some miserable little studio. And NOT the Lil Richard responsible for the utterly unlistenable “Hos on My Team”…

The REAL Little Richard would be outraged to have his identity linked in any way to an album cover so dim-witted. Just chant “duh” and go into a trance with me here as you view this thudding failure…

We’re still fixated on the me-too factor. There are far too many people with “lil” in front of their names…can’t you come up with something on your own? Apparently not if your name is:

Lil Romeo, Lil Zane, Lil Fizz, Lil Flip, Lil Troy, Lil Wayne, Lil Bow Wow, Lil Mama, Lil Jon, Lil Boosie, Lil Scrappy, Lil’ Rob, Lil Whyte.

Here’s one that’s currently unclaimed, our gift to some aspiring wannabe out there who just can’t rub two brain cells together to think up a clever stage name:

Lil’ Dumbass.

WTF Album Covers: Ronnie Ronalde

by Joe Wallace

Sometimes, these WTF album covers are chosen simply because I haven’t had enough caffeine yet when I see them and they just…set…me…off. This one was discovered during a particularly bad decaffeination headache. I snarled at the computer screen. “Yodel…OR whistle. You can’t do both at once, jackass”.

I’m on my second cup now and feeling much better. But this record still sucks. If you listen to this after seeing both the word “yodeling” and “whistler”, there’s simply no hope for you.

WTF Album Covers: Satan Has Been Paralyzed

..and REALLY ought to consider a lawsuit.

Seriously, is this guy a contestant on The Price Is Right? Born-again Christian preachers clearly know nothing about how to design album covers. But then again, neither do their polar opposites:

Somebody PLEASE call the record company version of Doctor Kervorkian. It’s time for Van Halen to die as a musical entity. Please.
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WTF Album Covers Ludacris Chicken N Beer

Some complain that a staggering majority of rap albums are insultingly stupid, repetitive, sexist, and that the genre is piled to the sky with “me too” copycats. But I defy ANYONE to find anything “me too” about a rap record with cannibalism front and center on the cover.

The way Ludacris is poised to devour that human leg on the cover of Chicken N Beer is worthy of any Romero film, and while the image alone escalates the WTF factor as high as it could possibly go, the fact that the album is called CHICKEN N Beer makes it that much more bewildering.

Shouldn’t it really be HUMAN FLESH N BEER instead? Damn, boys, put some more thought into these titles…don’t fool around now, give us the cannibal rap and stop teasing.

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