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WTF Album Covers: Justin Bieber and Trick Daddy

OK, technically it didn’t START with Dylan, but it’s as good a jumping off point as any. So with that disclaimer in mind…it starts with Bob Dylan, who doesn’t take a bad cover photo…

But sadly, did not END there. From more or less acceptable to…high school yearbook?

And, sadly, the phrase “me too” is never far from a singer’s mind.

Some choose to take the cover portrait to new levels of awfulness, but at least there are some laughs to be had. Behold the grimacing, hideous disembodied head of Trick Daddy, available for hire to appear at Halloween parties and Bar Mitzvahs everywhere…but never for the faint of heart.

When will it end? Hopefully, never. We NEED these buffoons, we truly do.

WTF Album Covers on Youtube

We aren’t the only ones on the web obsessed with bad album covers–there are more bad album cover vids on Youtube than you can shake a copy of a Village People 12-inch single at. Which is probably a subtle hint that Turntabling should get into a bit of that, eh?

When I get some of the Turntabling Collection’s most horrifying album covers posted for posterity on Youtube, rest assured you’ll learn about it here.

–Joe Wallace

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WTF: Truth In Advertising with Krak Attack


For reasons I shall NEVER understand, some performers are obsessed with toilets and asses on their album covers. I broke out the Ouija board and consulted with Sigmund Freud about this, and according to Freud’s ghost the whole thing boils down to a  subconscious desire to sell music with truthful packaging. This record, no doubt, sounds JUST LIKE ASS.

P.S. I couldn’t bring myself to reproduce this album cover any larger than this size. Ick.