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Can You Sell Vinyl on CD Baby?

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A while back, I sent a query out to CDBaby asking about the possibility of selling a vinyl album or in addition to digital downloads and compact discs. Vinyl junkies take note, the official word from CD Baby is good news–vinyl is most welcome. From the CD Baby rep, Deena:

“Sure, we can list vinyl at CDBaby. We prefer if it matches an album on CD that is already for sale or will be for sale here, but isn’t required. Just makes things easier for the set up, as you’ll see.”

According to CD Baby, if you already have an album for sale on CD Baby and want to start selling vinyl copies, all you have to do is send five copies (contact CD Baby directly for details about sending more for in-store distro, etc.).

Vinyl submitted as a “stand alone submission” (as in, there are no other formats to be sold) must be signed up in the same way as a new CD or digital download. You’ll need a UPC code or you can purchase one from CDBaby. Again from the rep:

“Then, we’ll need an audio cd that matches the audio on the record so that we can post your clips and/or digitally distribute the album. You can send that with the first five records you send us. Please keep in mind, we might have to take a different cut than $4 per physical copy sold, shipping costs are sometimes more than it is for CDs.  We’ll have our receiving manager check it out once it arrives.”

Don’t forget about the cover art!  Just like with CD Baby CDs, you’ll need to send  a 1000 x 1000 pixel tiff file at 300dpi (with no compression) to CD Baby. This is great news for anyone who wants to get more ears on their vinyl release but doesn’t know where to start with distribution, etc. This CD Baby page has plenty of information on signing up and getting started. And, yes, Turntabling Records does have some material distributed via CD Baby, including all the titles found in the upper right corner of our site under “Download Turntabling Records albums”

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Selling Vinyl Records at CD Baby

vinylalbumDid you know you can sell vinyl records with your CD Baby musician account? I inquired about this many months ago and their policies have, I’m sure, been modified or had some extra details added since then, but the basic rules are thus:

1. You need at least five copies of the record to send to CD Baby for them to sell.

2. Send a CD version of the album so digital clips of the record can be made available to curious soon-to-be vinyl buyers.

3. Send artwork with the following specs to art@cdbaby.com–1000 x 1000 pixel tiff, 300dpi, and no compression.

4. The shipping costs are obviously more for vinyl than with CDs, so make sure you find out what CD Baby’s slice of the pie is–it’s going to be a bit more than the standard $4 per CD.

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