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Headed Off To Cinema Wasteland

It’s been a very busy week so far preparing for Cinema Wasteland just outside Cleveland Ohio. Turntabling will get back into the swing of regular updates next week after the dust settles; we know it’s been a bit sparse round here lately with all the traveling and record selling, but our work resumes in earnest after the show.

We’ve got The Turntabling Collection for sale at Cinema Wasteland once again–our growing pile of rare, awesome, hard-to-find, and unusual vinyl is for sale and every title you buy directly supports this site, for which we thank you.

There are many people to thank for helping out at the Turntabling booth recently; first and foremost Jennifer Kilzer without whom so much of the Turntabling experience would be much less interesting and fun–her taste in music alone makes her irreplaceable on those long drives.

Jeff Runokivi has also been a mainstay–his help and company at Cinema Wastelands and Horrorhound has been invaluable, and it also great to have Mike Riley along for our first-ever Days of the Dead in Atlanta (not to mention our friends Eliesha and Geoff Huitt who were awesome hosts and tour guides).

And I can’t thank a group of people without mentioning Jon Kitley, head ghoul at Kitley’s Krypt, who got me started in this whole convention record selling stuff in the first place. He took me to my first horror con ever four years ago and I’ve been in big trouble ever since. The Kitley’s Krypt bunch is a family affair, so additional thanks to Nick and Dawn Kitley for being all-around awesome.

See you at Cinema Wasteland?

–Joe Wallace

Turntabling Back From Horrorhound Weekend In Columbus

Turntabling survived the Columbus 2012 Horrorhound Weekend, and what an amazing time it was! The show was jam-packed with people, there were plenty of vinyl junkies dropping by and many of you showed your support of Turntabling by purchasing vinyl and CDs, which is greatly appreciated.

We probably don’t do a very good job of communicating that the purchases at Horrorhound, Cinema Wasteland, all the other shows we do directly support Turntabling.net and keep it alive and kicking. ALL vinyl and CD sales from the shows and online are basically funding the existence of Turntabling.

And for that we are very grateful. This site would literally NOT EXIST if it weren’t for the wonderful people who support us with their purchases. THANK YOU.

And with that in mind, Turntabling shows up again Friday March 30th for Cinema Wasteland, one of the most exciting conventions we do. We’ll be there for another incredible weekend of fun, vinyl, and cinema. It’s at the Holiday Inn on Royalton Road in Strongsville, Ohio, just minutes from downtown Cleveland. The show is located just off the Ohio Turnpike (I-80/90) & I-71. Come join us!!!

(The photo in this post is courtesy of Eric Fredrich via Facebook. Thanks, Eric!)


Back from Capricon 2012

And what a conventional it was! Many thanks to all who stopped by the Turntabling booth at Capricon 32 in Wheeling, Illinois. We return to our regular updates, bad album covers and vinyl reviews tomorrow.

In the meantime, Turntabling is scheduled for a set of other appearances including these:

Days of the Dead in Atlanta, March 9 – 11.

After Days of the Dead, Turntabling appears at back-t0-back horror festivals: Horrorhound Weekend, March 23-25 in Columbus Ohio. and at Cinema Wasteland March 30th, 31st and April 1st, 2012 in Strongsville, Ohio.

The Turntabling Collection, a nice big selection of rare vinyl records and CDs curated by Turntabling’s Joe Wallace will be at each show-we sell portions of the collection to fund the site and keep it going. Thank you for your continued support!

Turntabling at Capricon 32 February 9-12, 2012

Join Turntabling at Capricon 32, which runs Thursday, February 9 through Sunday February 12, 2012 at the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel, 601 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling, Illinois.

We’ll be posting updates from the show on the Turntabling Facebook page, so if you can’t be there in person, join Turntabling on Facebook.

The Turntabling Collection will be there, featuring hundreds of rare, hard-to-find, and just plain cool vinyl records and CDs from literally all over the world; Italy, Japan, Germany, France, and of course the usual USA-based suspects we all know and love.

Looking for rare Doctor Who vinyl? Star Wars soundtracks? Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy vinyl? The Johnny YesNo soundtrack by Cabaret Voltaire? It’s all in the Turntabling collection and all for sale. All proceeds from the record sales go toward supporting Turntabling.net, and your support is definitely appreciated.

Turntabling also sponsors an after-convention party on Saturday night, February 11. DJ Paisley Babylon spins the most insane mix of tunes ever, and more importantly there is FREE ALCOHOL.

Did we mention the free alcohol?

There are plenty of really rare and obscure CD and vinyl titles on sale this time…do NOT miss the Turntabling booth at Capricon 32!


Turntabling Appearances Up Next: HorrorHound Weekend November 11-13 2011

Join Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend, Friday November 11 through Sunday November 13, 2011. The Turntabling booth will be there once again bringing you some outstanding rare, hard-to-find, import and just plain awesome vinyl records and CDs from all over the globe.

I’ve got a great, fresh batch of import CDs including Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, a plethora of Italian soundtracks on CD and vinyl. Plus I still have some Skinny Puppy vinyl, Coil, and much more. As always, every purchase you make directly supports Turntabling.net and your support is always greatly appreciated.

This is the last show of 2011 for Turntabling.net, we come back in 2012 with more of the same, but don’t miss your chance to get some pre-Xmas goodies for friends and yourself! Join us at Horrorhound Weekend, located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Cininatti North, 11320 Chester Road, Cincinatti Ohio.

See you there!

–Joe Wallace

Turntabling Appearances Up Next

Turntabling is hitting the convention trail again soon and I’ve got plans to increase the number of shows I’m doing in 2012.

There’s been such a great, positive response to the vinyl and CDs I sell at Horrorhound Weekend, Flashback, and elsewhere that it seems like the right time to expand the amount of stuff I’m bringing to the shows and the number of shows I bring it to.

That’s why I’m very pleased to be part of two new-to-me shows. Dark Carnival in Bloomington, Indiana is one I’m catching in October (details below) and I just committed to doing Days of the Dead in Atlanta in March 2012.

Cinema Wasteland, September 30 – October 2 2011 in Strongsville Ohio. It’s at the Holiday Inn at 15471 Royalton Road in Strongsville.

Dark Carnival Film Festival, October 21-23 2011 in Bloomington, Indiana. For ticket and location info call (812) 323-3020

Horrorhound Weekend November 11-13 2011 in Cincinnati Ohio. This one is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 11320 Chester Road.

Capricon is a fun sci-fi show in Wheeling, Illinois held February 9-12 2012. I had a table two years ago and the experience was a lot of fun, so I look forward to getting back there for another go in 2012. This year Turntabling plans to co-host a party room and there should be a lot of mischief, mayhem and fun. Did I mention there will be an open bar?

Days of the Dead Atlanta is March 9-12 2012. This is my first Days of the Dead show so I look forward to getting to meet a lot of you who haven’t made it to the shows I normally do because they’re so far away. Turntabling will bring hundreds of rare, weird, sought-after and collectible records and if you’re in the Altanta area, you should NOT miss this show. Sid “Captain Spaulding” Haig is already confirmed for this show and word has it he’ll be taking photos in the makeup again. Yes, you need to be at this show!

As always, thanks for your support at these shows–I really love meeting people who read the blog and vinyl junkies in general. Thank you!

–Joe Wallace

Back From HorrorHound

HorrorHound Weekend was an amazing time…many thanks to all the great people who dropped by the Turntabling booth there to talk about music, bad album covers and movies in general. Lots of new friends were made, lots of craziness happened, but far and away my favorite moment of the show was chatting with Malcom McDowell, who signed the VERY NOT FOR SALE copy of the Get Crazy soundtrack you see pictured above.

I quizzed McDowell on the film, in which he plays a has-been codpiece wearing rocker named Reggie Wanker. The story goes, McDowell was offered the part in this Alan Arkush comedy, which he turned down by asking an outrageous fee. McDowell told me he thought the script was awful and figured asking for an outrageous fee would be the end of it.

But it wasn’t–the professional singer hired to take his place didn’t work out, McDowell got his fee, and a bit of 80s b-movie history was made including McDowell appearing on the Get Crazy soundtrack as a singer.

When he agreed to do the part, Malcom McDowell was totally unaware of the place in the Get Crazy script where, when his character is dosed with LSD, he begins having a conversation with his own penis–who takes over Reggie Wanker’s career and becomes his manager. “Hello, cock…I didn’t know YOU could talk!”

The look on his face as he related the discovery of this scene in the script? Effing priceless.

McDowell’s signature on the Get Crazy album definitely made my weekend–I’m not normally an autograph hound, but Get Crazy is such a great 80s artifact, it had to be done. And no, sorry all–it’s not for sale. That one’s a keepsake from a VERY good show which also included appearances by Julian Sands, Caroline Williams and Linda Blair.

Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend

Turntabling is at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati. I’ve got the usual table full of vinyl rarities and oddities. This time out the table includes the vinyl Game of Death soundtrack on Dagored Records, Motorhead on vinyl, Goblin titles including the now out-of-print Tenebre, Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria on vinyl…plus some Morricone naturally, the vinyl El Topo soundtrack and too many others to name.

Come out and see us at HorrorHound Weekend! I’ll be posting pics and updates from the HorrorHound floor at my Facebook page so hop over and have a look if you can’t make it out to the show.