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Quentin Tarantino Death Proof Soundtrack LP SOLD OUT

Quentin Tarantino Death Proof vinyl album

Death Proof is a grab-bag of musical styles, all of them great. From Chick Habit by An April March to Jack Nitzche’s Last Race, (with a little Morricone thrown in for good measure), the soundtrack album for Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof is a great time from start to finish. Hell, even Pino Donaggio gets a look in with Sally and Jack.

Regardess of whether you’re into the shorter Grindhouse version of Death Proof, or the extended feature-length release, if you’re a fan of the movie, you need to own this record on vinyl the way God intended it. Sure, you could just get the compact disc, or re-watch the flick (guilty of an excessive number of re-viewings on the Turntabling screen) but the vinyl experience for this particular slab of vinyl is outstanding. A true classic.

Yes, you’re reading the rant of a Death Proof fanboy–fully aware of the movie’s shortcomings and not caring one little bit. The album is fabulous and there’s no denying it.

UPDATE —SORRY, DEATH PROOF IS SOLD OUT! It is quite rare these days….