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Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) Trailer

Why are some of us vinyl collectors so hung up on giallo soundtracks, Italian horror, and Italian cinema in general? The Ennio Morricone connection aside, there is some kind of weird perfect storm that happens when you get the music, the trailes, and the movies together. A look at the Deep Red trailer is proof of that. Deep Red, aka Profondo Rosso, was directed by Dario Argento at the height of his talent and cinematic clout. Starring David Hemmings and Dario Nicolodi, this is a GREAT entry into the world of giallo. If you haven’t seen it, the trailer might just push you over the edge.

Goblin’s score for this goes all over the place, from edgy prog to moody atmospheres, and it’s fairly unique among their output if you’re thinking of soundtracks like Dawn Of The Dead and Tenebre. This was a project Goblin stepped into after Giorgio Gaslini and Argento parted ways during the film. Gaslini gets a credit on the soundtrack, but Goblin is front and center.

P.S. if you let this video play and move on to the next ones, there are a TON of great Italian horror and horror-related trailers there…loads of classics!

The Fantastic Voyage of Goblin The Sweet Sound of Hell CD

Fantastic Voyage of Goblin The Sweet Sound of Hell CDThere are many Goblin compilation CDs, including this excellent collection put out by Bella Casa.

The Fantastic Voyage of Goblin: The Sweet Sound of Hell has plenty of old favorites and a nice selection off their non-soundtrack LP, Roller. Snip-Snap and Dr. Frankenstein are both Roller cuts, and there’s even a nice obscure (for the compilations) cut from the Phenomena OST–Jennifer’s Friends is a welcome inclusion here.

The Fantastic Voyage of Goblin: The Sweet Sound of Hell is a new, sealed import CD. Buy it now from Turntabling for $20 plus shipping.

Here’s a track listing if you’re curious about how THIS comp fits in with the other compilations in your collection:

1. Profondo Rosso
2. School at Night
3. Death Dies
4. Dr Frankenstein
5. Suspiria
6. Witch
7. Sighs
8. Le Cascade di Viridiana
9. Safari
10. L’ Alba Dei Morti Viventi
11. Snip-Snap
12. Sicilian Samba
13. Connexion
14. Flashing
15. Gemini
16. Jennifer’s Friends
17. La Chiesa
18. Quiet Drops

Deep Red Drive-In Trailer and Sountrack

Dario Argento filmed Deep Red (original title: Profundo Russo) back in the mid-70s. Goblin did the soundtrack which alternates between truly excellent and totally goofy. I like both extremes of this, for better or worse. I’m a fan of this, but can’t seem to locate it on vinyl for a reasonable price. In the end I opted for picking up the Japanese import CD because I want my goofy Italian cheese (and the good tracks, too) in superior quality.

The trailer below seems to be custom made for the 70s drive-in circuit. Check out the great cornball voiceover and the lurid editing! Nice. For those who didn’t get to see great stuff like this first-run at a run down drive-in theater, it’s ALMOST a substitute. Why don’t they make trailers this entertainingly low-rent anymore? The movie iteself is a lot of fun, and it’s great to see a post-Blow Up David Hemmings creeping around trying to figure out who the killer is.