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Electronic Penis Choppers Digital Single: The M Diary

Electronic Penis Choppers–one of the trouble-making side projects of Paisley Babylon. EPC plays coarser, moreĀ abrasive textures than Paisley Babylon–this is a band that likes its electronica sharp and spiky.

This particular digital single, The M Diary, is probably comparable to Wire at its most experimental–think of a more hyperactive and prickly “Small Electric Piece” from Wire’sĀ 154 album crossed with some Musick to Play In The Dark -era Coil and you’ve got the right idea.

The M Diary features more than six minutes of captivating electronics, the creation of which were influenced by organic substances that should be hinted at rather than named.

The M Diary is as far away from smooth and mellow as it gets. How did this track get made at all considering the brain fuel involved?

No matter. Electronic Penis Choppers strikes again, with a very sharp object into your central nervous system. You won’t feel any pain when it goes in, you’ll just see blue flashes and wonder why the colors taste so funny.

Don’t be fooled by the false ending near the final section of the track–EPC brings back the metallic tones for one last bow before the track winds up. Wait for those skittering sounds to return before moving on to the next track.

This track is available for download via Amazon.com. Preview, purchase and download The M Diary by Electronic Penis Choppers for .99 cents.

Paisley Babylon Dream Surgery Single

Dream Surgery by Paisley Babylon is a quite surreal experience. Nearly six minutes of electronic bliss recorded in Keflavik, Iceland in 1999 during a blizzard, this track was definitely influenced by the weather, the constant darkness in Iceland that time of year, and the lava fields stretching endlessly across the countryside.

Paisley Babylon specializes in electronic ambient journeys, experimental soundscapes, and more traditional sounds in the Morricone soundtrack vein. There’s also more than a hint of Stereolab and Coil influence here with a dash of Throbbing Gristle thrown in for good measure.

Dream Surgery has more structure than some of the other sounds on the album this was released on, Midnight Hallucinations, but there is definitely a trippy vibe going on here. This track is probably not right for road trips–it INDUCES highway hypnosis instead of driving it away. Never mind the surgery games, this track is all about the anesthetic.

This is the first post in a series of experiments to get projects like Paisley Babylon some wider exposure among people into sounds like these…Turntabling Records plans to offer these tracks as downloads direct from the site once our digital download interface is ready–we present this track via iTunes.

Download Dream Surgery in MP3 format via iTunes. Dream Surgery is a single track available for .99 cents. You can also explore the rest of the album, Midnight Hallucinations.