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Dimitri Tiomkin Guests On The Jack Benny Program

For fun, I thought I’d share this clip from the Golden Age of Television. Here the soundtrack composer of Town Without Pity and High Noon guests on an wacky episode of The Jack Benny Program. He can hardly keep himself from cracking, at first, but is quite funny by the end of the show. Benny’s composition and violin ‘skills’ show up often in his series to antagonize many guests.

I’m a big fan of Dimitri Tiomkin. I’ve been one since hearing David Bowie’s version of Wild is the Wind on Station To Station. One of most romantic songs of the budding New Wave movement was actually written the 1950s.

Town Without Pity is classic played in many films, including John Waters 1988 version of Hairspray (that soundtrack makes us shimmy).  I found out recently that the song is from a 1961 film by the same name. I was embarrassed not to know about this film years earlier. I caught it late night, a few years ago.  It’s not for the young ones, but there’s a lot of edge of your seat action.

I like comedy shows where famous people play themselves. The Jack Benny Program was know for playing with the sitcom structure. Tiomkin was certainly a unique choice of guest for a comedy sketch. He gives a great performance. The dog is gorgeous too.

Turntabling will keep an eye out for this composer’s soundtracks and keep you posted if any end up for sale.

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