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DJ Digital Josh: I Started With Vinyl But I’m Not Going Back

That headline is a quote via DJ Digital Josh from his YouTube Channel entry for this clip. Sounds a bit blasphemous to the vinyl junkies in the room, but I’m sure he’s got his reasons. Whatever the case, this DJ Digital Josh clip is fun–love the jazz samples mashed up with the “two turntables” mantra again and again. This one’s circa 2006.

–Joe Wallace

DJ Paisley Babylon Mix: After The Punks Have Gone


Another DJ Paisley Babylon mix in a retro vein–this time it’s post-punk, new romantic, early industrial, even some Cramps thrown in for good measure. As varied and all-over-the-map the bands are, the sounds all work very well together. Who needs genres when you’ve got groove? Have a listen to AFTER THE PUNKS HAVE GONE–the DJ Paisley Babylon post-punk and beyond mix. It’s a solid hour of solid tunes by Polyrock, Fad Gadget, Blondie, PiL, Gang of Four, Adam and the Ants, plus many others.

If you like the mix and want to book DJ Paisley Babylon, by all means get in touch. Contact me by e-mail: jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net or call (312) 504-1264.

This mix is posted here to promote my DJ work and the original artists. Please get in touch if you need to discuss licensing issues.

DJ Paisley Babylon Exotic Jet Set Mix

Exotic Music DJ Paisley Babylonby Joe Wallace

DJing isn’t a new thing for me–I’ve been behind the decks in one form or another since the late 80s. I’ve spun events, radio and parties in Japan, Korea and Iceland, up and down the midwest, you name it. But these tracks are atypical for DJing–it takes a special type of party or event coordinator to come after these sounds, at least today–once upon a time they were all the rage if the party scenes of 60s and 70s cinema are to be believed…

This DJ mix, The Exotic World of DJ Paisley Babylon, isn’t exotica per se–it’s more complicated than that. This is about a specific type of vibe you might associate with those great party scenes from Italian exploitation movies of the 60s and 70s, or the mental picture you get when thinking about Andy Warhol’s parties at the Silver Factory if you forget about the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan for a few minutes. This is, for lack of a better phrase for a collection of tracks crossing several genres while staying within a certain groove, Mid-Century Modern music.

I’m available for hire once again to spin these sounds and many others–I’ve got a few other mixes coming to show the range of styles I’m into (see the DJ mix category for more sounds). If you’re intrigued after hearing this and want to get in touch for a booking, please feel free to drop me a line or call:

(312) 504-1264 jwallace (at) turntabling dot net

I travel for gigs, so if you’re based outside Chicago, no problem. In the meantime, have a listen to The Exotic World of DJ Paisley Babylon and get ready to be transported…

DJ Paisley Babylon Fear Mix for HorrorHound

Since I’ll be attending the HorrorHound con March  27-29 in Indianapolis with the Kitley’s Krypt crew, I thought it would only be appropriate to whip up a special DJ mix in honor of the con…the Spacesuit Sounds FEAR MIX features an exclusive Paisley Babylon mashup/remix–Goblin Vs. Daft Punk. It kicks off a great DJ mix of tunes including stuff from the Blacula soundtrack, assorted giallos, the giallo-obsessed Skinny Puppy, and much more. Download or listen and please don’t forget to support the bands–if you like the trax, download ’em via iTunes or Amazon where available.

As regular readers might guess, I’ve got a huge collection of giallo soundtracks and related sounds, so I figure it’s only a matter of time before I get off my duff and start spinning at Chicago horror events and related outings. It will be great to mix and mash for a new crowd…the last time I did anything so specific there was a nice cult following involved and I really do love playing for that kind of an audience…if you like the sounds presented in the Fear Mix edition of Spacesuit Sounds, by all means get in touch.

(I have very reasonable rates for small and medium-sized events if you’re interested in booking…)

As usual, this DJ mix is made available to promote my work as a DJ as well as the artists played. Copyright holders, if you object please get in touch, removal will be swift.