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Turntabling at Constantly Consuming Culture Art Opening in Chicago

Turntabling will run a DJ set at the first-ever Constantly Consuming Culture art show put on by Mapanare.us.

Featured artists in the Chicago-based show include John Airo, Julia Hamilton, Elyse Martin, Gretchen Hasse, Serena Toxicat (San Francisco) John Schedler and Mikey Peterson.

The show runs September 7 to 13 and someone will be on hand daily beginning September 9 to 13 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday September 8 or other times by appointment. For more info on the show itself or to book an appointment to see the work, go to ConstantlyConsumingCulture.com.

Turntabling will share the decks with Tim Larson from Chicago’s own Tim Larson and the Owner Operators and the sounds will be pretty diverse. The Turntabling portion will feature Ennio Morricone remixes, Italian lounge, dub, some electronic industrial, and an extended play set of Binary Partners music.

Turntabling has been involved in many Chicago art and media events including shows by OhNo! Doom! and the Paisley Babylon Beautiful Chaos project which was featured at the 2010 Music Box Massacre and in the Not The Film Room at Capricon 32 in 2012.

The Constantly Consuming Culture art show opens Saturday September 7 2013 at 6:30 PM. It’s located at 222 North Desplaines Chicago, IL on the lower level. The Turntabling set features DJ Paisley Babylon, AKA Joe Wallace.

For more information, see the Mapanare official Facebook events page for the show.

Turntabling and DJ Paisley Babylon are available for booking for art shows, film festivals, media events, private gatherings and similar events. We have a specially curated collection of retro sounds featuring dub, Italian lounge, gothic/industrial, new wave, and unusual vinyl. This isn’t your typical party DJ experience–it’s a retro groovy/sinister flashback experience that covers a wide range of sounds and atmospheres ranging from pure chill-out to Halloween party-creepy depending on the event.

For booking, contact jwallace@turntabling.net

DJ Paisley Babylon Rare Vinyl Mashup/Preview Mix

On Friday April 13th starting at 6PM I’ll be DJing the OhNo!Doom Gallery opening, A Walk Through The Dark. My four-hour set features live mashups, audio collage, vinyl manipulation and much more. A lot of people have a hard time getting motivated to come out for events like this, but if you’re a fan of Goblin, Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Jesse Franco and Jean Rollin soundtracks, experimental audio and more you owe it to yourself to make it to this. It’s located at 1800 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, and starts at 6PM on Friday April 13.

Here’s a little sampler of the sort of thing I’ll be doing at Friday’s OhNo!Doom art opening–forty minutes of rare vinyl-only mashups and mixes (including the opening track which is part of a new Paisley Babylon studio project) featuring Roddy McDowall reading H.P. Lovecraft, a variety of Goblin tracks from Tenebre, Dawn of the Dead, Deep Red and others mashed up with Morricone sounds from Four Flies on Grey Velvet, plus a variety of other rarities including the Rhythm Devils doing Apocalypse Now drumming and sounds from assorted horror sound efx samplers and more.

Please note–this MP3 is intended as a demo for my DJ and sound design work. It’s not meant to be distributed as a free music download, but rather as a part of a demo reel. All rights belong to the original artists.

–Joe Wallace

Turntabling at OhNo!Doom Gallery Friday April 13th 6PM

OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago hosts A Walk Through The Dark, an opening featuring artwork of the macabre, strange and bizarre. It also features Turntabling.net–I’ll be creating the sinister ambience and playing appropriately creepy music by Morricone, Goblin, Riz Ortolani, Bruno Nicolai, Coil, Nurse With Wound, Skinny Puppy and various other sounds. DJ Paisley Babylon in the haunted house!

The event is from 6 to 10PM on Friday, April 13th at OhNo!Doom Gallery at 1800 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. Join me for a night of amazing sights and sounds, plus exclusive beer brewed to debut at the event by Lowdive.

–Joe Wallace

Zombie Disco 2 With DJ Paisley Babylon

Tonight, Saturday July 24 at 9PM I’ll be spinning as DJ Paisley Babylon at Chicago’s excellent Lucky Number Grill. It’s Zombie Disco Night, an event put on by the Chicago Horror Society. Last year’s Zombie Disco was something to behold and this one should be even more fantastic. There will be zombie makeup artists on site to bring out the corpse in you, plus some fun events, contests and all the retro disco insanity you can stand. Bring a bag of disco biscuits and get your groove on!

If you can’t make it to this for some sick reason, I’ll be posting a set list mix later in the week. Stay tuned. DJ Paisley Babylon rides again, terrorizing Chi-town from behind the decks.

–Joe Wallace

DJ Paisley Babylon Mix: After The Punks Have Gone


Another DJ Paisley Babylon mix in a retro vein–this time it’s post-punk, new romantic, early industrial, even some Cramps thrown in for good measure. As varied and all-over-the-map the bands are, the sounds all work very well together. Who needs genres when you’ve got groove? Have a listen to AFTER THE PUNKS HAVE GONE–the DJ Paisley Babylon post-punk and beyond mix. It’s a solid hour of solid tunes by Polyrock, Fad Gadget, Blondie, PiL, Gang of Four, Adam and the Ants, plus many others.

If you like the mix and want to book DJ Paisley Babylon, by all means get in touch. Contact me by e-mail: jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net or call (312) 504-1264.

This mix is posted here to promote my DJ work and the original artists. Please get in touch if you need to discuss licensing issues.

DJ Paisley Babylon Exotic Jet Set Mix

Exotic Music DJ Paisley Babylonby Joe Wallace

DJing isn’t a new thing for me–I’ve been behind the decks in one form or another since the late 80s. I’ve spun events, radio and parties in Japan, Korea and Iceland, up and down the midwest, you name it. But these tracks are atypical for DJing–it takes a special type of party or event coordinator to come after these sounds, at least today–once upon a time they were all the rage if the party scenes of 60s and 70s cinema are to be believed…

This DJ mix, The Exotic World of DJ Paisley Babylon, isn’t exotica per se–it’s more complicated than that. This is about a specific type of vibe you might associate with those great party scenes from Italian exploitation movies of the 60s and 70s, or the mental picture you get when thinking about Andy Warhol’s parties at the Silver Factory if you forget about the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan for a few minutes. This is, for lack of a better phrase for a collection of tracks crossing several genres while staying within a certain groove, Mid-Century Modern music.

I’m available for hire once again to spin these sounds and many others–I’ve got a few other mixes coming to show the range of styles I’m into (see the DJ mix category for more sounds). If you’re intrigued after hearing this and want to get in touch for a booking, please feel free to drop me a line or call:

(312) 504-1264 jwallace (at) turntabling dot net

I travel for gigs, so if you’re based outside Chicago, no problem. In the meantime, have a listen to The Exotic World of DJ Paisley Babylon and get ready to be transported…