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Turntabling at OhNo!Doom Gallery Friday April 13th 6PM

OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago hosts A Walk Through The Dark, an opening featuring artwork of the macabre, strange and bizarre. It also features Turntabling.net–I’ll be creating the sinister ambience and playing appropriately creepy music by Morricone, Goblin, Riz Ortolani, Bruno Nicolai, Coil, Nurse With Wound, Skinny Puppy and various other sounds. DJ Paisley Babylon in the haunted house!

The event is from 6 to 10PM on Friday, April 13th at OhNo!Doom Gallery at 1800 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. Join me for a night of amazing sights and sounds, plus exclusive beer brewed to debut at the event by Lowdive.

–Joe Wallace

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 USB DJ Controller

by Joe Wallace

I use Traktor in my studio as a sort of hybrid recording tool as well as DJ mixer. I like to pull samples from my own music, mash them up, resample and resequence them to create freakish new music out of my back catalog of weirdness.

I have a Numark Total DJ USB controller that I could use in all this, but I’m lazy and just mash the buttons on the Mac instead. But this Traktor controller could get me back off the laptop keyboard. I don’t own one…yet.

The Traktor Kontrol X1 USB DJ controller is right up my alley for one important reason–there are NO SCRATCHING CONTROLS on this thing. It’s purely for controlling the effects, the settings, the triggers, volume, etc.

This is bewildering to some of my DJ friends. But I cut my DJ teeth in FM radio where controls set up like this were in wide use–it’s a familiar configuration that has the linear approach the Numark Total DJ setup doesn’t.

Maybe it’s MY DAMAGE–I just like that vertical configuration better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Numark…but it doesn’t make sense to my FM radio-trained DJ hands the way this one would.

Call me a wingnut. After all, you can get used to any gear setup if you play with it long enough. This just appeals to my aesthetics more, that’s all. I will say this though—I still don’t DJ exclusively in the digital realm. That’s one of the reasons why I like this configuration–I’m using three technologies at once, and the setup on the Traktor Kontrol conforms to the other stuff in my setup. When I buy this, rest assured there will be a test-drive here…

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Numark Total Control MIDI DJ Mixer

I purchased the Numark Total Control MIDI DJ mixer to see whether MIDI would work for me in my studio setup. Turntabling is all about the vinyl, but I had some ideas for some bizarre dub experiments with high quality MP3s and lots of echo/reverb effects…and I must say, in spite of my early reservations, the Numark Total Control mixer did the trick, and then some.

According to the Numark hype for this DJ control surface, the unit’s 31 buttons, 20 knobs and 5 faders, “send MIDI data from the controller to your DJ software of choice” which in my case was an upgraded version of the included Numark Cue LE. If you purchase the Numark Total Control DJ mixer, I strongly suggest getting the CUE upgrade or better yet, paying for the upgraded Traktor software (a lite version comes with the Numark Total Control).

For new DJs, the most valuable thing about the Numark, aside from the tricks you can pull with the effects that are found in the upgraded versions of Traktor or Numark Cue software packages, is the fact that this DJ mixer is USB powered.

No, you can’t plug your iPhone into it, and you need the laptop and software to make the mixer work. But if you have a collection of high-quality MP3s (hopefully that you ripped from your vinyl collection, heh) encoded at good rates, this makes for a nice compact setup.

In the studio, I personally prefer a combination of vinyl, CD, and digital files, plus the hardware to run in case my computer setup chooses to crap out on me that day. I don’t gig with the Numark Total Control–there’s nothing at all wrong with it, just my personal preference. I’m a bit more old-school, I suppose, and I like the reliability of hardware….but if you want to go all-digital on a budget you could do a HELL of a lot worse than this. It’s a great starter kit for new DJs learning the ins and outs of spinning and earning money from it.

Paisley Babylon DJ Mixes

It’s been a while since I posted any new DJ Paisley Babylon mixes and the gigs have been coming from all sides as of late…it was high time to get some more up here! These MP3s were recorded live in-studio and at events including the infamous Horror Society Zombie Disco. Feast your ears on a wide range of extremely danceable sounds from around the world. I’m always available to talk bookings, feel free to drop me an e-mail to jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net. Have gear, will travel.

DJ Paisley Babylon Zombie Disco 2 set @ Lucky Number Grill Chicago July 24 2010

Paisley Babylon Soundcheck Set for Music Box Massacre @The Music Box Theater Chicago, October 8 2010 (This isn’t your typical DJ set–it was a mixed media sound collage presentation featuring music, video, turntablism, live mashups and vinyl manipulation. More of an audio art installation…)

Post-Punk/New Romantic Mixup (live in-studio)

Paisley Babylon mixes include a healthy pile of vinyl records from around the globe. I spin post-punk, funk, disco, dub, funĀ  psychedelia singles, reggae, retro, new wave, electronica, chillout/lounge, bossa nova, and unclassifiable sounds from Italy, Japan, Germany, Iceland and elsewhere. I’m not a latest-hits club kid DJ and I’d rather keep a party or event fun and danceable than stay married to a particular genre. Gigs should be fun and memorable. Get in touch with me about yours and we’ll plan a great time. (312) 504-1264 or jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net.