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Paisley Babylon Digital Single: Blood Alcohol Content .211

For fans of the more experimental side of The Legendary Pink Dots, this digital single from Paisley Babylon should be right up your alley. Anyone who owns the LPD albums Faces In The Fire or Shadow Weaver should give a listen to Paisley Babylon’s Blood Alcohol Content .211. There is a kindred spirit at work in these surrealist textures.

The analog synth sounds of the Roland Juno 1 and Juno 6 are on display here along with some trippy found sound and echo manipulation. There’s also an old analog Eventide Harmonizer played as an instrument, lending this track some delicious otherworldly textures.

Inspired by true events in San Antonio, this track speculates what it’s like to experience the aftermath of a car crash at extreme speeds at 3AM on a rain-swept ¬†Texas highway. There is a definite LPD influence here, cross-pollinated¬†with Throbbing Gristle and a dash of Eno at his most sinister. The track is part of the PB digital album Songs From The Interstellar Hash Bar Jukebox, but was also released in 1997 on the CD-only Alpha Wave Variations album.

This MP3 digital download is sold via Amazon.com. You can preview, purchase and download the Paisley Babylon digital single Blood Alcohol Content .211 for .99 cents.

Retro Vinyl Cupboard


A new favorite blog discovery in the ultra-fun RetroVinylCupboard. Dig the amazing collection of obscure albums from bands like Prism to bootleg albums like the Led Zepplin Burn Like a Candle 1972 show recorded at the LA Forum, to wee little gems like South London’s The Open Mind from 1969.

There’s a lot to download here, but just learning about the UK brit psych and candypop releases I’ve never heard before is a real treat. This site will suck HOURS out of your day, let the downloader beware! Great stuff.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra


These are words I never, EVER expected to go together. Tokyo…SKA? Sounds great to me! I don’t know how long this brain-altering download will be available, but suffice it to say that Mod64 is my new favorite music blog. If for no other reason than the fact that I located this album, AND one by The Music Machine, who look like they’ve stepped right out of one o’ Swingin’ London’s groovier basement hash dens. Oh yes, I am hooked and on a downloading frenzy. Some of my musician friends say they don’t even bother purchasing music anymore because of all the free MP3 downloads, but being able to properly DJ show means having full quality, so I am happy to support the artists wherever I am able by purchasing retro reissues. Bring the grooviness!