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WTF Vinyl Records: Erotica–The Rhythms Of Love (NSFW???)

Erotica The Rhythms of Love viny WTF records

Erotica the rhytms of love vinyl WTF
This allegedly erotic vinyl record features a mad bongo-playing nut case, a bit of heavy breathing, and what sounds like two people having a running-in-place contest on the creakiest bed in the universe.

“Erotica, The Rhythms Of Love” is a WTF record more or less infamous for its goofy journey “featuring the sounds and rhythm of love”. More like the sounds and rhythm of hippies riding in the Kentucky Derby, if you ask me. No matter–this album is worth having for the shrieking bongo player alone. How anybody was supposed to get their rocks off while that guy was hollering is a total mystery.

And somebody was amused enough to post a large chunk of this on Youtube, for which we are very grateful. I think. NSFW in as much as there is some lady breathing and rampant bedspring abuse.