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Turntabling: We Buy AND Sell Vinyl

Turntabling recordsWhat you see here is the setup for the Turntabling-curated Sexy and Scary Vinyl art show on the 5th floor of the Bridgeport Art Center (Friday June 20 2014 starting at 6PM). There are a LOT of vinyl records on display for this one-night-only art show, plus film trailers, music and more.

One question that has come up about the show and about Turntabling in general is whether we sell records (yes we do!) and where you can buy those records.

Turntabling.net has a record and CD shop on Discogs.com and our inventory grows weekly–sometimes daily, depending on the finds we make in a never-ending search for the hard to find, the rare, the weird, the unusual, and just plain awesome vinyl records.

While we aren’t selling records at the art show on Friday (the show is all about the images, the album covers and the culture behind these albums and the films associated with many of them) we are happy to discuss the sale of these records and many others like them. Please feel free to drop a line with wish lists and requests for more information to:


We are actively looking for other venues to bring the Sexy and Scary Vinyl art show to–if you want this display in your record store, special event, art space or other venue, do get in touch at the same address.

Turntabling is also branching out to Etsy once more–we have a small, but soon-to-be-growing inventory there that you can explore at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Turntabling.

And finally, Turntabling buys record collections–if you have one to sell, get in touch by email:



Turntabling Returns To Etsy

Anyone who has followed Turntabling for a while knows that we have had a shop on Etsy.com in the past and that it’s been dormant for quite some time. That’s all about to change come Monday when I re-open the Turntabling Etsy shop and start selling records there once more.

Turntabling couldn’t exist without your support, every record you buy from our Discogs and Etsy shops helps us stay open and keep on doing what we do…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

–Joe Wallace

Cassettes on the Way Back In?

by Joe Wallace

Is this really happening? According to the Dallas Observer, yes. Cassettes are apparently getting their own little renaissance. I personally have spotted cassettes–new ones–for sale in my neighborhood home of all things vinyl and groovy, Laurie’s Planet of Sound, which I highly recommend.

Tapes have been on the pop culture radar for ages–you can buy cassette tape themed tees at Old Navy, Threadless and elsewhere, and I myself just purchased a mix tape button from one of my fellow Etsy sellers, Buttonhead.

Butthonhead seems to be a fellow retro junkie, and if her work–and all those tape tees–can be used as a barometer of the rise of tape culture, we might just be in for an interesting new collector frenzy.

Suits me just fine–I drive a vehicle still equipped with a tape deck in spite of having been made in 2003. But it’s strange, isn’t it? In the age of CD Baby, iTunes, and digital distro that the physicality of cassettes–not just vinyl or even 8-track tapes–is still in demand. A cultural meme. A fetish?

The mix tape was definitely a major part of 80s and 90s culture and nothing has come along to quite replace it–it was a unique animal to be sure, and no matter how hard you try, “mix disc” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

What’s YOUR take on this trend? I’d welcome a return of the mix tape, myself…

One-inch Mix Tape buttons by Buttonhead. I own the blue one.