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Turntabling and Paisley Babylon at Music Box Massacre Saturday October 9 2010

Saturday at 11AM, Paisley Babylon does a short set to kick off the Music Box Massacre at the Music Box Theater at 3373 N. Southport in Chicago.

I spent most of Friday preparing for the show, which also features our usual table for Turntabling featuring tons of great obscure vinyl and much more.

Part of the prep for the Music Box Massacre was a gear setup and soundcheck, which I recorded and converted to MP3 for your listening pleasure. Please feel free to download and enjoy this half-hour set of mashed-up and mutilated tracks from Skinny Puppy side project Download, Ennio Morricone, Goblin, the Mister T Be Somebody album, and the Zombie soundtrack.

My favorite part of this is where I mashed up parts of the Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin with the album The Story of Star Wars. Some will call this heresy, but I had SO much fun doing it…enjoy.

Download the Paisley Babylon Music Box Massacre soundcheck and ruin your brain for good.

Please join me at the Music Box Massacre—come by early (11AM) to catch the set and be sure to drop by the Turntabling table and say hello.

–Joe Wallace

Unrezt and Recordings of Thin Consolation

unrezt records

I stumbled across Thin Consolation by accident today after checking out a new Twitter.com/turntabling follower who is part of this Belgium-based record label.

I spent AGES on this site listening to glitchy, electronic wonderfulness including a FABULOUS electronic 12 inch by Odaka called Warm Geometry. I’ve played this six times in a row now. Part of what Unrezt calls the “Pastorale Electronics series”, Warm Geometry is an analog synth dreamy-fest that kicks into some nice percussion-n-bass analog synth action.

I am dying to hear Warm Geometry on vinyl as the gods of stereo intended but the track at Unrezt is a nice experience regardless.

There are other wonderful discoveries to be made at Unrezt including the glitch-happy Cupp Cave (which features a nice sample about zombies on the intro to the track linked here). And I love the description of Cupp Cave’s world, which is inhabited by “improbable vegetarian Texan zombies on Mexican mushrooms, all thumbs and two left feet.”

Unrezt is my new favorite record label (at least for this week)–great stuff from Belgium and more to come.

P.S. The label is Thin Consolation, the website is Unrezt. I am new so I don’t get the distinction between one end and the other…so Unrezt folks, forgive a dumb Yank.


–Joe Wallace Continue reading Unrezt and Recordings of Thin Consolation

Pampelmoose.com Wants You To Hear The New Moby Album


Just in case you cared, Pampelmoose.com let the world know this week about the new Moby album, which is available to stream for free from the P-Moose site.

I haven’t minded Moby, ever since That’s When I Reach For My Revolver. I thought it was a nice step up for him. This release finds him treading a bit of water here and there, but things did pick up nicely on the track Shot In The Back Of The Head.

The track Study War is pretty tired, we heard this sort of thing already on Play. Mistake sounds a bit Bowie-esque and that’s not a bad thing. There is plenty to explore here and while I’m over the orchestral Moby sounds, some of this is fairly catchy and worth a second listen. It’s not what you’d call a terribly chirpy record–Moby’s always been moody..but this one is a bit down in the mouth, but not in a bad way…I like the melancholies.

PS–the Hope Is Gone track is very reminiscent of Julee Cruise/Twin Peaks soundtrack sounds. Nice one!
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