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Goblin Collection Volume I 1975-1989: Now Selling Here

Goblin Collection Volume I

Our most popular title! The Goblin Collection Volume One is a fantastic cross-section of Goblin soundtrack sounds, from Profondo Rosso to Dawn of the Dead and Buio Omega. If you’re a new Goblin fan this is a GREAT way to sample their diverse soundtrack sounds. Our favorites are the Dawn of the Dead tracks (naturally) and also the Buio Omega cuts. Contamination is also fun but we also can’t get enough of the cheesy 70s vibe of the Via Della Droga cuts.

Every time we show up at a horror movie convention or film festival with these on the table, they sell out. Now they’re available here–you don’t have to wait for the next HorrorHoundĀ  Weekend or Chicago Horror Society event to pick one up from us. And to all who have purchased one of these already, thanks for your support–we greatly appreciate it.

We’re trying an experiment with this most excellent Goblin Greatest Hits CD (Volume One 1975-1989). We’ve set up a Turntabling Amazon storefront to process our orders and are trying it on for size with a range of products. Everything still ships directly from Turntabling HQ here in Chicago, but when you click to buy the Goblin CD your order is processed via Amazon. Please let us know if you experience any issues or difficulties with this system.

Buy the Goblin Collection Volume I 1975-1989. This is a brand-new shrinkwrapped CD which ships directly from Turntabling.