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Turntabling Appearances Spring 2012

Spring of 2012 is going to be quite busy–if you’ve never come out to a horror or science fiction convention and visited the Turntabling booth, 2012 is a year full of opportunities for you to see The Turntabling Collection, say hello, and get your hands on rare and cool vinyl and CDs from around the world.

Our first show of the new year is Capricon 32, February 9-12. This science fiction convention is held at the Westin Chicago North Shore, Wheeling, IL. There are two items of note–the guest of honor for this year’s show is Cory Doctorow, who you might know from BoingBoing.

The other is that Turntabling is hosting a party suite during the show on Saturday night, February 11. Stop by the Turntabling booth for details–this is a blowout with free drinks and music by DJ Paisley Babylon.

Our next appearance is scheduled for Days of the Dead in Atlanta, March 9 – 11. The Turntabling Collection will be there with plenty of new arrivals, strange and rare vinyl, plus a LOT of horror soundtracks on CD. We’ve never traveled so far to do a convention, so this is an experiment for Turntabling. Come out and say hello, Atlanta area vinyl lovers!

Following Days of the Dead, Turntabling will be at back-t0-back horror festivals starting with Horrorhound Weekend, March 23-25 in Columbus Ohio. This promises to be a slam-bang con–this one features Pam Grier as one of the guest celebs– and Turntabling will have loads of great finds for you, as usual including some Jackie Brown soundtrack LPs suitable for signing.

While you’re in Columbus, might I also recommend a visit to the really awesome Columbus record stores like Spoonful Records and Lost Weekend? They are most excellent…

The very next weekend finds Turntabling at Cinema Wasteland March 30th, 31st and April 1st, 2012 in Strongsville, Ohio. There are sixteen new-to-Wasteland guests and this show is always a 100% blast. One of the best shows we do, hands down. The Turntabling Collection will be available for sale as usual and there is a lot of hard-to-find vinyl goodness waiting for you.

After that, the travel season winds down for us until August when things start getting crazy again–Flashback Weekend in Chicago, another round of Horrorhound Weekend and Cinema Wasteland appearances, plus we’re looking forward to doing another Flint Horror Con and possible another appearance at Dark Carnival Film Festival. Stay tuned….

Road Trippin’

Turntabling is back from a fantastic road trip to Toledo, Ohio and Flint, Michigan to set up the Turntabling booth at the Flint Horror Con, which was the very first ever and one hell of a good time.

The Flint Horror Con people did it 110% right and really went the extra mile–I highly recommend checking this show out the next time it’s run as it was top-notch. Good people, great venue, a really good experience all around. Sadly, I missed all the films because I was running the Turntabling Booth (with much help from my good friend Jeff Runokivi, who had to endure vinyl junkie talk all weekend long–thanks, Jeff!)

The people who attended the show were awesome too–highlights of the show included an appearance by someone wearing a Count Chocula costume (See below) and the man-nun made my weekend.

I met plenty of great people including Glen Birdsall, who’s working on a poetry volume of work inspired by Italian slasher films, Lucifer Fulci who’s a horror novelist and musician, and illustrator Roger Scholz who has some really great Dr. Who-inspired poster art among many other things. And it’s always great to see artist and one-of-a-kind horror t-shirt designer Steven Bejma, who has an amazing collection of oil paintings and tees–high quality stuff.

Thanks to everyone who visited the Turntabling booth, talked shop about cool records, and supported the site by purchasing some of our rarities and hard-to find titles in The Turntabling Collection. You awesome people are the ones responsible for keeping this site going year after year and I couldn’t do it without you.

There’s plenty of catching up to do around here and much prep for the last Turntabling booth appearance of the year  this November at Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati. Details on that coming soon…plus an announcement promised last week that I STILL need to deliver on…stay tuned, there are interesting things in the works at Turntabling!

–Joe Wallace

Turntabling Appearances Up Next

Turntabling is hitting the convention trail again soon and I’ve got plans to increase the number of shows I’m doing in 2012.

There’s been such a great, positive response to the vinyl and CDs I sell at Horrorhound Weekend, Flashback, and elsewhere that it seems like the right time to expand the amount of stuff I’m bringing to the shows and the number of shows I bring it to.

That’s why I’m very pleased to be part of two new-to-me shows. Dark Carnival in Bloomington, Indiana is one I’m catching in October (details below) and I just committed to doing Days of the Dead in Atlanta in March 2012.

Cinema Wasteland, September 30 – October 2 2011 in Strongsville Ohio. It’s at the Holiday Inn at 15471 Royalton Road in Strongsville.

Dark Carnival Film Festival, October 21-23 2011 in Bloomington, Indiana. For ticket and location info call (812) 323-3020

Horrorhound Weekend November 11-13 2011 in Cincinnati Ohio. This one is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 11320 Chester Road.

Capricon is a fun sci-fi show in Wheeling, Illinois held February 9-12 2012. I had a table two years ago and the experience was a lot of fun, so I look forward to getting back there for another go in 2012. This year Turntabling plans to co-host a party room and there should be a lot of mischief, mayhem and fun. Did I mention there will be an open bar?

Days of the Dead Atlanta is March 9-12 2012. This is my first Days of the Dead show so I look forward to getting to meet a lot of you who haven’t made it to the shows I normally do because they’re so far away. Turntabling will bring hundreds of rare, weird, sought-after and collectible records and if you’re in the Altanta area, you should NOT miss this show. Sid “Captain Spaulding” Haig is already confirmed for this show and word has it he’ll be taking photos in the makeup again. Yes, you need to be at this show!

As always, thanks for your support at these shows–I really love meeting people who read the blog and vinyl junkies in general. Thank you!

–Joe Wallace

Are You Going to Cinema Wasteland?

The mighty horror convention Cinema Wasteland is rapidly approaching, and Turntabling marks its second show as a vendor there. I have to say, CW organizers Ken and Pam are completely awesome, always put on a hell of a show, and even manage to find time to chat a bit while going in six directions at once.

I can’t say enough great things about this show–the guest list is always stellar, the movies play non-stop on film and DVD projection, and the hardest of the hardcore horror fan set is out in force twice a year in Strongsville Ohio. This show is minutes from downtown Cleveland.
Right off the Ohio Turnpike (I-80/90) & I-71.

Turntabling is bringing more amazing vinyl than ever–this will be the most vinyl I’ve ever taken to a show to sell, hands down. The Chicago-based Flashback show was a great one, but I have even MORE vinyl on hand for Wasteland. If you want to see a very small sampling of the goodies I’ll bring with me, have a look at my for-sale list of vinyl and CDs at Discogs.com.

I only have about 200 albums and discs listed for sale there at present, I’m working on that…I bring MUCH MORE to the shows these days. How much more? How about ten milk crates or so full?

That’s right–the Turntabling stock has increased exponentially since my last appearance at Cinema Wasteland and I am ALWAYS looking for more. If you need to unload a large pile of albums, by all means get in touch with me at jwallace@turntabling (dotnet).

Please consider coming out for Cinema Wasteland–my vinyl titles aside, the show is a hell of a lot of fun and there is so much great stuff going on that weekend I can’t even begin to describe them all.

Have a look at the CW site to learn the full line-up, which includes William Forsythe, Davide Emge from the original Dawn of the Dead, Frank “Basket Case” Henenlotter, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame, Kyra “I ate mommy in Night of the Living Dead” Schon, and too many other awesome names to list here.

Back From Flashback Weekend

Big thanks to all who came out to the Turntabling Table this weekend and chatted, bought rare and unusual vinyl, and talked about all things record-related. Turntabling is plotting more convention appearances even as I write this. Everyone who came to the table really made the weekend special–THANK YOU for your support.

I wanted to take a moment to remind people that I am currently in search of more record collections to purchase. Any kind of bulk vinyl for sale is potentially of interest as I have a continuous need for more titles–especially 80s goth/industrial, soundtracks, new wave, odd/bizarre and otherwise unclassifiable records. Feel free to get in touch about any vinyl you might be interested in selling: jwallace@turntabling (dot) net.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Joe Wallace

Updated Turntabling Appearance Schedule

In addition to selling vinyl online in places like the Turntabling Discogs.com store and similar ventures, this site hits the road every year to do horror and sci-fi conventions. Last week I posted a schedule for the upcoming madness, but since then I’ve had an addition and possibly more to come.

I’ll have more vinyl-and more RARE vinyl-at the following shows than ever before. Not sure how I’m going to fit it all into one little convention table space, but there will definitely be a lot to choose from including rare horror soundtracks like Halloween 2, Return of the Living Dead and the like, plus some ultra-rare stuff from the sci-fi side of things like the Dark Star soundtrack, Tom Baker reading Jules Verne, Leonard Nimoy reading Bradbury on vinyl and much more.

Here is the latest schedule current til the end of the year–these are all shows where you will find the Turntabling table and lots of great vinyl records:

Flashback Weekend, August 12-14 2011 in Rosemont, Illinois. It’s located at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare at 5440 River Road.

Cinema Wasteland, September 30 – October 2 2011 in Strongsville Ohio. It’s at the Holiday Inn at 15471 Royalton Road in Strongsville.

Dark Carnival Film Festival, October 21-23 2011 in Bloomington, Indiana. For ticket and location info call (812) 323-3020

Horrorhound Weekend November 11-13 2011 in Cincinnati Ohio. This one is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 11320 Chester Road.

If there are additional updates, I’ll post a revised schedule soonest. Hope to see you at one or more of these shows!

–Joe Wallace

Turntabling Events Up Next

Every year, horror fans, vinyl junkies and collectors find the Turntabling booth at conventions like Cinema Wasteland, HorrorHound Weekend, and many other shows. I’ve got a pretty busy few months coming up and if you’re looking for rare vinyl, you should definitely meet me at one of the following shows where I’ll have Turntabling set up and selling vinyl records in person:

Flashback Weekend, August 12-14 2011 in Rosemont, Illinois. It’s located at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare at 5440 River Road.

Cinema Wasteland, September 30 – October 2 2011 in Strongsville Ohio. It’s at the Holiday Inn at 15471 Royalton Road in Strongsville.

Horrorhound Weekend November 11-13 2011 in Cincinnati Ohio. This one is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 11320 Chester Road.

I’ll have a table FULL of amazing stuff including Goblin on vinyl, plus more LP titles from Skinny Puppy, Coil, Sleep Chamber, the Inferno soundtrack, William S. Burroughs, Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury on vinyl, Tom Baker reading Jules Verne on vinyl, Morricone, a ton of more rare and hard-to-find vinyl records you’ll definitely want to see.

I also have a very nice supply of CD titles which are equally rare and hard to find. Turntabling is all about hard-to-find titles, oddball, rare and bizarre vinyl and CD releases. Can you afford NOT to miss these shows?

I am always looking for more conventions to set up a table at, so if you are putting together a horror, sci-fi or collectible convention, please get in touch as I’d love to know more–especially if you are within a few hours of Chicago. Drop me an e-mail to jwallace (at) turntabling (dot net) to get in touch about conventions, record shows (I do sell ad space for record dealer conventions here) and more. Did I mention that I also like to buy record collections or portions of collections? Get in touch.

–Joe Wallace

Off to HorrorHound Weekend

Turntabling is off early to HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis to search for record stores and take in the wicked delights of Indianapolis. We’ll be running the Turntabling booth right next to the Kitley’s Krypt bunch so do stop by to say hello.

This year features the largest selection of rare and unusual vinyl ever at our table–don’t miss the last of the Dagored vinyl, plus some exceedingly rare items featuring Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Roddy McDowall–all on vinyl. Got a copy of the soundtrack for Forbidden Photos of A Woman Under Suspicion on vinyl? We have ONE COPY for sale at the show. Ditto for plenty of other delicious goodies by Goblin, Morricone, Piero Umiliani, and tons of others.

Horrorhound and the upcoming Cinema Wasteland in Ohio are two of the main reasons we haven’t been selling much on the site as of late (in addition to a planned jump to a new format for the vinyl sales)…if you miss either one of these shows, you will miss a LOT of hard-to-find vinyl titles. Turntabling scours the earth to get them so you don’t have to.

See you at the show and if you have any record store recommendations for Indianapolis, we’d love to know about them.

Turntabling will be posting photos and updates from the Horrorhound Weekend on Facebook.

Turntabling Booth at HorrorHound Weekend 2011 Indianapolis

March 25-27, Turntabling will be running the usual booth at HorrorHound Weekend at the Mariott Indianapolis East, located at 7202 East 21st Street, Indianapolis IN 46219. The table will be CRAMMED full of vinyl obscurities and CD imports from Goblin, Morricone, and many many more. Get the last of the Dawn of the Dead vinyl while you can, plus amazingly obscure/hard-to-find/just plain cool records by Francisco Lai, Misfits, Air, Daft Punk, Isaac Hayes and too many others to name.

Turntabling has been doing shows for a couple of years now and we’re always glad to see new faces at Horrorhound as well as old friends. This year is going to be a most excellent event and we look forward to seeing you there. Stop by and say hello.

P.S. The online orders are on hold until after HorrorHound AND the Cinema Wasteland show, which happen back-to-back this year. Can’t safely offer stuff online when it’s getting sold out at the show…we will let you know when online ordering is back again. Needless to say, this does NOT count for digital downloads offered as part of the Turntabling digital singles experiment we’re running now….