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Sink Your Teeth Into The Malenka OST

 A gorgeous woman inherits a title, an ancient castle, an intense painting that resembles her, and a new set of relatives with extraordinary smiles.  Malenka, La Nipote del Vampiro , a.k.a. Fangs of the Living Dead (1969) is a spooky Spanish/Italian movie with beauties abound.

Carlo Savina’s soundtrack is thick with the harpsichord chills and whistling winds. This limited edition (pressing of 500) Quartet Records CD, also includes the score to the movie  I Diabolici Convegni , a.k.a. Las Amantes del Diablo (1971).  This suspense film involves , a missing woman, a curious sister, and a suspicious doctor. All together, there’s 65:39 minutes of haunted castle and suspense music.  

Turntabling has a CD copy of Malenka, La Nipote del Vampiro for sale at Discogs.com.  First come, first served.  

Malenka Soundtrack  Compact Disc For Sale




Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati Ohio Nov 12-14

Turntabling will have a booth packed full of rare vinyl and other fun finds at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati Ohio. This is our second year with the HorrorHound folks and it is always a great time whether in Indianapolis or in Cincinnati. This year’s lineup promises to be amazing–Malcom McDowell, Linda Blair, Bill Moseley and many others all waiting to meet you.

Turntabling has a table full of surprises, too. I’ve come into some very tasty rare titles on vinyl lately and vinyl junkies should DEFINITELY come by and say hello. Would you like to get your hands on the vinyl Inglorious Basterds soundtrack? Or how about Pan’s Labyrinth on vinyl? A bit of Goblin you don’t already own? There’s even a few rarities on CD you’ll want to see…come out and get chatty with us at HorrorHound Weekend!

HorrorHound Weekend is located at the Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North 11320 Chester Road, Cincinnati Ohio 45246. We hear the Crowne Plaza is fully booked, but there are other hotels literally seconds away that still seem to have rooms available.

Headed For Cinema Wasteland

Turntabling doesn’t have a booth at Cinema Wasteland (we’re on the very long waiting list) but I will be there sending reports from the floor on my Facebook page, and I am hoping to file a Vinyl Road Rage-type report on the show, provided there is somebody selling vinyl there…

Cinema Wasteland is one of the biggest shows of its type–or at least one of the best-run from what I’m told. This is my first time there so it should be interesting to see. I’m looking forward to the weekend with high hopes for vinyl finds I can report on here.

Wasteland is one of the few shows I’m headed to where I don’t have a table. My appearance at Chicago’s Music Box Massacre includes both a booth for Turntabling AND a performance as Paisley Babylon. Ditto for the Chicago Horror Society Film Festival on Saturday October 23 and Sunday October 24. Turntabling also has a booth at HorrorHound Weekend November 12-14.

If you’re in the Strongville, Ohio area this weekend, consider dropping by Cinema Wasteland. I’m helping to run the Kitley’s Krypt booth and would love to chat with any Turntabling friends in the area. I am personally looking forward to the screenings of Hell Up In Harlem, The Green Slime, and Abby…the movie lineup is MASSIVE though, so it’s well worth popping in to check out.

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Join Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend November 20-22

horrorhound weekend 2009 november

The Crazy Babysitter Twins from Grindhouse, Elvira, Kane “Jason” Hodder and many other well-loved horror movie names will be at HorrorHound Weekend this Friday through Sunday, November 20-22. And so will Turntabling–we’ll have a booth at the show featuring a great staggering pile of vinyl, CDs and yet another special, limited edition CD compilation of Turntabling Records singles from various releases including the as-of-yet not quite finished new Paisley Babylon album due out in Spring of 2010.
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Turntabling at Flashback Weekend Friday and Saturday (Oct. 23-24 2009)

13 unusual tracks promo cd turntablingThat’s an iPhone photo of the CD we’ll be giving away tomorrow to some lucky attendees of Chicago’s annual Flashback Weekend, a longtime horror convention staple in the midwest. Turntabling doesn’t have a booth at this one–next year, perhaps after we’ve scoped it out this year–but we will be hangning out at the Kitley’s Krypt booth with a stack of these VERY limited-edition promo discs for Turntabling Records.

These will go very quickly if the performance of the last promo disc, Turntabling Presents 12 Spacey Favorites is any indication. We gave away 30 CDs in no time at all at the Music Box Massacre recently and we fully expect the new promo, Turntabling Presents 13 Unusual Tracks, to be just as popular. These are NOT for sale–they’re promos and therefore totally free. But they’re also a limited edition and when they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

13 Unusual Tracks features another grab bag of odd and rare sounds, including a never-before-on-CD Post-Mortem Telepathy Vs. Pink Floyd mashup, plus some brand new Paisley Babylon tracks unheard and unreleased until now…these won’t be on the promo release for the new vinyl record, either.

13 Unusual Tracks is packed with soundtrack/Morricone-esque sounds, plus some very trippy, spaced out material sure to lull you into a state of near-hallucination. Listen to this disc in the dark, if you’re one of the lucky ones to get it. For the rest of the world, stay tuned as a special promo collection (with different tracks, naturally) for YOU is coming very soon.

Join us this weekend at Flashback. It’s located at:

6810 N. Mannheim Road
Rosemont, Illinois