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Italian Soundtrack Vinyl Recently Added At Turntabling: Lots of Morricone

Italian Horror soundtracks SolangeEnnio Morricone’s soundtrack for What Have You Done to Solange is really superior. This film is a lurid Giallo-style shocker featuring nefarious goings-on in a school for girls and the classic Morricone soundtrack touches are all here. Don’t miss out on this one, there are limited quantities available!

Morricone soundtrack for Violent City

Morricone strikes again with the soundtrack to Violent City, starring Charles Bronson. This one isn’t as well known but if you like Morricone’s Italian crime soundtracks, you’re likely to need this one, too.

Stelvio Cipriani Tentacles Italian monster movie

Stelvio Cipriani gets a look in too-our latest inventory update includes a delicious pressing of the Tentacles soundtrack.

Stelvio Cipriani Tentacoli soundtrackAnd what record collection dedicated to horror sounds would be complete without the soundtrack to Lucio Fulci’s demented slasher film The New York Ripper? Francesco de Masi’s score for this one is a must-hear.

Fulci soundtracks New York Ripper vinyl

These are only a few of the recent updates-take a look at the Turntabling shop to see what other amazing vinyl has been added.


Lots of New Stock Added

Cat In The Brain soundtrack Frizzi vinylOh yes, Turntabling has a TON of new vinyl in stock and ready for you. Fulci soundtracks! Goblin! Morricone! Turntabling did have some down time but we are back and raring to go, bringing you the most awesome rare, unique, weird, collectible, and amazing records. You didn’t know you needed the soundtrack to Fulci’s gorefest A Cat In The Brain but now that you DO, you know where to find it.

You can view our complete inventory and order or just browse to see the latest.

Interested in owning a very limited vinyl edition version of the Papaya, Love Goddess Of The Cannibals? Yes, Turntabling has this one, too.

Papaya love goddess of the cannibals soundtrack

Papaya cannibal soundtrack color vinyl  There are many, MANY more amazing titles in stock and yet to come. We have Italian prog, rare Morricone, post-punk, tons of stuff waiting for you. The inventory is growing and growing, so feast your ears on this collection of amazing sounds. We’ll be adding more posts with links to our latest finds, and we are also adding a good selection of pre-owned vinyl records, too.

Speaking of which, Turntabling buys record collections. If you have a collection to sell, please get in touch via email with as much detail as possible: jwallace(at) turntabling.net

We regularly travel to evaluate record collections and make purchases. Do get in touch if you have a collection you want to sell.

Ennio Morricone vinyl records Demons soundtrack on vinyl picture disc limited edition Dark Star soundtrack vinyl reissue limited edition


New Giallo and Horror Vinyl In Stock: Ennio Morricone, Clint Mansell, Nicola Piovani

Clint Mansell In The Wall Soundtrack

New in stock at the Turntabling shop at Discogs.com! Ennio Morricone’s amazing, experimental and barrier-breaking soundtrack for Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura, also known in the USA as Cold Eyes Of Fear. There’s also the Clint Mansell (Pop Will Eat Itself) soundtrack vinyl for In The Wall, plus a delicious blue-and-black colored vinyl copy of the soundtrack to the awesomely bizarre Perfume of the Woman In Black.

Giallo soundtrack vinyl is always a wonderful find, and these limited edition releases on Dagored are sure to go fast. These are just a few of the new titles in stock, have a look at the Turntabling shop to see plenty of other rare, weird, and awesome vinyl.

Giallo soundtracks on vinyl

Maniac Soundtrack LP Reissue

Behold the ultra-rare vinyl reissue of Jay Chattaway’s score for William Lustig’s slasher opus, Maniac. The score was remastered by James Plotkin, and the record sports brand new liner notes by Lars Nilsen.

And how about that stunning artwork by Ken Taylor? Joe Spinnell leering at you from the cover is totally iconic. The original poster is excellent, but this album cover could become THE defining image for the film. This specific release is destined to be legendary and extremely collectible–it’s a heavyweight 200 gram vinyl record and limited to only 500 copies.

325 of those copies were pressed on black vinyl, with the remaining 175 copies pressed on clear vinyl with red mixed in. Those special copies are random, there’s no way to tell whether your copy is black vinyl or the colored vinyl.

The score itself is pretty fascinating. Shades of experimental Morricone, Goblin, but above all Jay Chattaway’s own unique take on quietly creepy atmospherics. If you’re looking for an excess of overly bombastic sounds and “gotcha” stings, you’re in the wrong place–take a listen for yourself:

This particular release is sure to be prized, and they have virtually disappeared from the shelves near as we can tell. Kudos to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for getting this out–it’s an amazing piece of work!

On The Road Again…

Posts have been minimal lately due to the prep for HorrorHound Weekend in Ohio–looking forward to an excellent extended weekend with vinyl and horror fans alike, starting tomorrow (Thursday) when I hit the road (a bit early, yes). When Turntabling gets back from the show the usual posts will begin again as usual…if you want the latest from the show, join me on my Facebook page for photos and updates. I post often when the reception is good.

The next big news for Turntabling after HorrorHound Weekend is Vinyl Road Rage #4, which departs Chicago on December 8 to hit and blog about indie record shops between Chi-town and Dallas, Texas. A full itinerary will be announced next week including a list of record shop stops planned.

As of now the route includes Nashville, Tennessee for a stop at the legendary Grimey’s, then a hop over to Memphis, then on to Little Rock Arkansas. Then it’s to Norman, Oklahoma for a look at Guestroom Records-a place long on the wish list for Vinyl Road Rage.

After Oklahoma it’s off in search of awesome indie record shops in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Tulsa Oklahoma, Kansas City, and then a stopover in Springfield, Illinois to Recycled Records. After Springfield, it’s the final four hour home stretch back to Chicago.

Does that trip sound a bit crazy to you? It starts on the 8th of December and ends on the 21st. I must add that I’ll be blogging the entire way–including some video on the Turntabling YouTube Channel, which is linked to the right of this post at the top where all the social media icons are 🙂

–Joe Wallace

Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend

Turntabling is at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati. I’ve got the usual table full of vinyl rarities and oddities. This time out the table includes the vinyl Game of Death soundtrack on Dagored Records, Motorhead on vinyl, Goblin titles including the now out-of-print Tenebre, Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria on vinyl…plus some Morricone naturally, the vinyl El Topo soundtrack and too many others to name.

Come out and see us at HorrorHound Weekend! I’ll be posting pics and updates from the HorrorHound floor at my Facebook page so hop over and have a look if you can’t make it out to the show.

Otto Up With Dead People Soundtrack Vinyl Album

otto up with dead people vinyl album

This is by far one of the coolest things for sale here at Turntabling. Otto, or Up With Dead People, is a zombie movie with a few MAJOR twists. The best one is that part of the film is told from the zombie’s point of view. The soundtrack to this zombie movie by Bruce la Bruce is full of amazing electronic and experimental sounds evened out by great tracks by The Homophones and the Living Dead Boys. Appearing on the soundtrack–Pandas of Black Metal, La Jovenc, No Bra, Misty Roses, Eyes and Teeth and many more.

–Minor spoiler alert here–

Otto or Up With Dead People is not an easy zombie movie to watch for some who might feel a bit uncomfortable with the more explicit scenes (the sex/cannibalism element is really well done) but it’s an EXCELLENT film. It’s a frequent player in the Turntabling DVD machine and we highly recommend it. The soundtrack is so cool we’re shocked that it’s even available on vinyl these days–thought all these would be have been snapped up ages ago.

The Otto or Up With Dead People soundtrack LP is a new, sealed double vinyl import album. Buy it now from Turntabling for $23 plus postage. Overseas orders are welcome, but postage is extra.

Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack LP Back In Stock

Dawn of the Dead album vinyl

We were sold out of this awesome slab of 180 gram vinyl goodness, but we have a new supply of the Dagored reissue Dawn of the Dead vinyl LP. This album is one of our all-time best selling titles and a Turntabling favorite. Dawn of the Dead still packs a punch after all these years–there’s nothing quite like it. For all its influence, no other film (even the remake) has come close to capturing the claustrophobia and comedy of the zombie apocalypse.

Romero may have set the bar with Night of the Living Dead, but for some of us die-hard Dawn fans, this is THE film to see. A movie that takes itself seriously but doesn’t come across heavy-handed, has genuinely funny moments without stooping to the lowest common demoninator.

As for the soundtrack, Goblin seems to be in a strange twilight zone between Suspiria and Tenebre when it comes to the compositions. This album sounds like no other–Goblin uses the synth to good effect here, and while the 4 piece guitar/bass/keyboard/drums approach is the main event here, this one doesn’t sound like a rock combo–unlike the Tenebre soundtrack where it’s clear this is a four piece band. Dawn of the Dead manages to be more than a combo but something short of an orchestral thing. A fun anomaly.

Turntabling has the Dawn of the Deaad original soundtrack vinyl LP for sale while supplies last. This is a new, sealed vinyl record. Get it now for $28 plus shipping.

Dawn of the Dead

The Horror Films Collection Volume Two CD: Now on Sale Here

the horror films collection volume two

Now for sale here at Turntabling: The Horror Films Collection Volume Two, a CD featuring tracks from Lady Frankenstein, Zombie, The New York Ripper, Conquest, and many others. It’s a Lucio Fulci-fest, including two tracks from his “compilation” movie Cat In The Brain at least one of which you may recognize from The Beyond.

This is a fun collection of tracks  from Piero Piccioni, Claudio Simonetti, Manuel De Sica and many other well known Italian soundtrack names. The Horror Films Collection Volume Two is a good companion disc to the Goblin greatest hits collections also sold here–put the discs in your changer, hit “shuffle” and be immersed in the sounds of vintage 60s and 70s Italian horror.

Buy The Horror Films Collection Volume Two for $13 plus shipping. This is a brand new, shrink-wrapped CD shipped directly from Turntabling. At this time we can only ship to USA addresses.

Join Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend November 20-22

horrorhound weekend 2009 november

The Crazy Babysitter Twins from Grindhouse, Elvira, Kane “Jason” Hodder and many other well-loved horror movie names will be at HorrorHound Weekend this Friday through Sunday, November 20-22. And so will Turntabling–we’ll have a booth at the show featuring a great staggering pile of vinyl, CDs and yet another special, limited edition CD compilation of Turntabling Records singles from various releases including the as-of-yet not quite finished new Paisley Babylon album due out in Spring of 2010.
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