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She Had A Taste For Music: Italian Erotica Soundtrack Compilation CD

she had a taste for music CD morricone armando trovajoli bruno nicolai nico fidencoThere are some nice Morricone-esque stylings on She Had A Taste For Music, but the Maestro himself does not appear on the compilation. No matter–the real star of this outstanding collection is Gianfranco Plenizio, who gets three songs here, all GREAT examples of what makes the Italian erotica genre so fun to listen to.

The Plenizio tracks “Grigio Perla”, “Musica Per Anna”, and “Voce d’ Amore” are the best on the comp, with Nico Fidenco coming in a close second with “Dutch Poppy” and “Make Love On The Wing”. Dagored scores again with another awesome soundtrack collection.

If you’re new to Italian erotica soundtracks, you can do no better than to get started with She Had A Taste For Music, and those with newish collections will be thrilled to get exposed to some new sounds beyond the Morricone/Bruno Nicolai/Piero Umilliani axis.

She Had a Taste For Music is a sealed import compact disc. Buy it now while supplies last for $22 plus shipping.