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Turntabling Vinyl For Sale

House By The Cemetery Fulci red vinyl for saleYes, Turntabling is back and we’re getting started listing inventory–tons of rare, weird, and wonderful vinyl records and compact discs. We’re getting a slow start, but with these four titles we officially return to the vinyl marketplace–scouring the earth for the most interesting, bizarre and hard-to-find LPs on the planet including this awesome House By The Cemetery LP on Death Waltz.

We’ve also got a copy of Mondo Candido by Riz Ortolani for sale on vinyl (yes, it’s the Dagored edition), still sealed in all its glory.

Riz Ortolani Mondo Candido Dagored LPAlso now available, Volume Four of the Spaghetti Western compilation, The Ecstasy Of Gold, still sealed, plus the uber-sexy Mood Mosaic compilation Book A Trip vinyl record, also still sealed.

Book A Trip The Mood Mosaic vinyl LP sexy LP coverYes, Turntabling is DEFINITELY back. Look for more updates coming–there is a LOT of new stock to come including the Creepshow soundtrack LP, Last House on the Left soundtrack vinyl, more more and more…

Joe Wallace

Ennio Morricone Short Night of Glass Dolls OST CD

Short Night of Glass DollsEnnio Morricone strikes again: La Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro, also known as Malastrana, and released in America as Short Night of the Glass Dolls, is one excellent soundtrack for a fascinating little film. This soundtrack has everything–Morricone’s classic dissonance and suspense-building sonic experiments, plus the vocal talents of Edda Dell ‘Orso rounding out the package.

The maestro’s genius is clearly on display on this CD. It’s true that any film his work shows up in is automatically more interesting as a result; in the case of La Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro it’s a case of a quirky Italian effort taken to a whole other level thanks to the soundtrack. The story? A man is found dead in the bushes, a victim of foul play? Maybe, maybe not, but the detective work is going on inside the dead man’s own head–he’s not really dead!

That’s not a spoiler at all, as it’s the first thing you learn as the opening of the film unfolds…the rest? You’ll have to see it to find out, but it’s a great Italian suspense film all round. You really shouldn’t miss this one. Both the film and the soundtrack are both big favorites on the Turntabling player.

La Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro is a new, sealed Italian import CD. Buy it now from Turntabling for $23 plus shipping.

New Titles Coming Soon to Turntabling: Bruno Nicolai Collection

Case of the Bloody Iris Bruno Nicolai
I’m very excited to announce a limited collection of Bruno Nicolai titles for sale at Turntabling including the original soundtracks for Case of the Bloody Iris, also known as Perché quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer? That one was sold as part of the infamous Anchor Bay Giallo Collection boxed set several years ago.

We’ll also be stocking the Bruno Nicolai soundtrack for The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, AKA La Notte che Evelyn Usci Dalla Tomba, and also the soundtrack Nicolai did for Nightmares Come At Night.

If that weren’t enough, we will also be bringing you another soundtrack from the Anchor Bay Giallo Collection, Ennio Morricone’s score for Short Night of Glass Dolls, one of the best giallos ever, for my money. Keep watching the site, you’ll see these awesome soundtrack CDs coming quite soon. Sadly they are NOT available on vinyl, but they are DEFINITELY worth the investment.

I even have another little surprise in store…an experiment that could lead to a whole new offering here. But only if there’s enough interest. Should Turntabling branch out and start selling DVDs along with the soundtracks? Stay tuned.

–Joe Wallace

Riz Ortolani Cannibal Holocaust Soundtrack CD

cannibal holocaust soundtrack Riz Ortolani

Riz Ortolani’s soundtrack to the infamous Ruggero Deodato film Cannibal Holocaust is completely disarming. From the opening theme to the stark, minimalist synth cues used to punctuate the shocking events onscreen, this is one soundtrack CD that can’t be pigeonholed, boiled down to its’ essence, or easily categorized.

The score is also sneakily influential–whether on purpose or not, you can hear echoes of it all the way down the line to Air’s Sexy Boy synth riffs, and while you may be totally put off by the content of the film, there’s no denying its’ power or effectiveness. It provokes an emotional response, and isn’t that the purpose of all art? No matter whether you think the filmmakers meant to or not, for all the shocking, awful things in the movie it is easily as transcendent as people believe Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odessy to be. (How’s that for going out on a limb?)

That’s pretty strong stuff, to be sure…but viewing the two films side by side you’ll find more in common than you realize–again, regardless of director intent, stomach turning events on screen, and etc. But we’re getting off topic here. Riz Ortolani shows off some fascinating depth here. To be sure, if the music were completely divorced from its subject matter it might not pack as much of a punch, but it’s not.

This version of the soundtrack contains a CD-ROM interview feature with Ortolani, so fans will be interested for that little freebie; the fact that this went out of print in 2003 and has been harder to find ever since doesn’t hurt. How long will this last? Get yours while you still can.

The Cannibal Holocaust original soundtrack by Riz Ortolani is a new, sealed compact disc. Buy it now from Turntabling for $20 plus shipping.

The Horror Films Collection Volume Two CD: Now on Sale Here

the horror films collection volume two

Now for sale here at Turntabling: The Horror Films Collection Volume Two, a CD featuring tracks from Lady Frankenstein, Zombie, The New York Ripper, Conquest, and many others. It’s a Lucio Fulci-fest, including two tracks from his “compilation” movie Cat In The Brain at least one of which you may recognize from The Beyond.

This is a fun collection of tracks  from Piero Piccioni, Claudio Simonetti, Manuel De Sica and many other well known Italian soundtrack names. The Horror Films Collection Volume Two is a good companion disc to the Goblin greatest hits collections also sold here–put the discs in your changer, hit “shuffle” and be immersed in the sounds of vintage 60s and 70s Italian horror.

Buy The Horror Films Collection Volume Two for $13 plus shipping. This is a brand new, shrink-wrapped CD shipped directly from Turntabling. At this time we can only ship to USA addresses.

Suspiria Soundtrack Vinyl SOLD OUT

suspiria soundtrack LP vinyl recordRecently added to the Turntabling for- sale vinyl section-this uber-loud soundtrack for Suspiria by the one-and-only Goblin. The vinyl selection is growing steadily and in the coming weeks you’ll find more delicious soundtracks on wax for sale including some Morricone (the Revolver soundtrack, plus a few others) plus the Escape From New York soundtrack by John Carpenter.

When it comes to Suspiria, here’s a great example of a genre movie that wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing sounds on this LP. Goblin never surpassed this–it’s the Guernica of Italian horror movie soundtracks. Morricone was the master, but Goblin created something here without equal for sheer ferocity and clarity of purpose.

Scroll down and check out the sounds on this clip from Suspiria’s opening five minutes–but play it LOUD. Suspiria is on sale at Turntabling as a brand new, sealed import vinyl album. SOLD OUT.

Goblin Buio Omega Soundtrack


Goblin soundtracks on vinyl–especially those on Cinevox–are going for ridiculous collector prices. One is priced at over $70.00! That much of a vinyl purist I am NOT. I prefer to download these instead and look for the vinyl versions used. This soundtrack album for the film Buio Omega is pretty sweet, sounds I’ve been searching for but never managed to find at an acceptable price–at least on vinyl.

It’s got PLENTY of 80s Italian horror soundtrack cheese–alternately moody and goofy. Goblin was in heavy synth mode here–there’s none of the industrial clang-and-shriek of Suspiria, and the dancefloor groove of Tenebrae is also missing…but there’s no denying the synth-cheese on this…it’s pretty tasty. Goblin is in fine, if restrained, form here.

The movie itself is twisted, lurid and just plain wrong. It’s got a nightmare quality that elevates it above the average twisted 80s shockers, but there are some genuinely stomach-churningly grotty scenes in this one...purchase Goblin’s soundtrack instead and get the cheese sans the necrophile imagery…

Deep Red Drive-In Trailer and Sountrack

Dario Argento filmed Deep Red (original title: Profundo Russo) back in the mid-70s. Goblin did the soundtrack which alternates between truly excellent and totally goofy. I like both extremes of this, for better or worse. I’m a fan of this, but can’t seem to locate it on vinyl for a reasonable price. In the end I opted for picking up the Japanese import CD because I want my goofy Italian cheese (and the good tracks, too) in superior quality.

The trailer below seems to be custom made for the 70s drive-in circuit. Check out the great cornball voiceover and the lurid editing! Nice. For those who didn’t get to see great stuff like this first-run at a run down drive-in theater, it’s ALMOST a substitute. Why don’t they make trailers this entertainingly low-rent anymore? The movie iteself is a lot of fun, and it’s great to see a post-Blow Up David Hemmings creeping around trying to figure out who the killer is.