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Beat at Cinecitta Series

The Beat At Cinecitta series, issued by the utterly fantastic label Crippled Dick Hot Wax, is a collection of Italian soundtrack sounds from the sexier, steamier side of Italian cinema. There are three editions of Beat At Cinecitta, both on vinyl and CD. Volume three was limited to 3000 vinyl copies so if you find one, scoop it up fast.

These sounds are addictive–once you start, if your ear is so inclined, you won’t be able to stop collecting them. For me, the gateway drug was a CD called Women In Lounge, which features the same kinds of sounds you’ll get from the Beat At Cinecitta collections…naturally I couldn’t stop there!

To whet your appetite, have a listen to some of these clips–they truly are amazing. Lounge-y, groove-a-delic, with a surreal tinge at times that makes you wonder who spiked the punch at the go-go club. All three of the Beat At Cinecitta releases are essential.

–Joe Wallace

The second clip takes a moment to get started, but it’s worth the wait.

The third track is much more lounge-driven…short, sweet, and should be listened to whilst in a swanky airport departure lounge sipping cappuccino.

La Morte Bussa Due Volte CD

La Morte Bussa Due Volte CDPiero Umiliani has been called one of the sexiest soundtrack composers ever, and they aren’t wrong. He’s the king of mixing grooviness with musical sex appeal, and this remastered reissue of the original 1969 soundtrack for La Morte Bussa Due Volte is no exception. This is a great release by Cinevox, and includes material not found on the original release.

If you’re a fan of the groovy sounds of 60s eurocinema, this is a must-own. Bossa nova? Check. Italian Lounge? Definitely. If you’re not convinced, have a go at the YouTube clip below…then just click Add To Cart. We know you want to.

La Morte Bussa Due Volte is a new, shrink-wrapped Italian import compact disc. Buy it now from Turntabling for $17.00 plus shipping.

Vinyl Lounge Hut–A Retro LP Paradise

vinyl lounge hutVinyl Lounge Hut may not have been updated since May 09 at the time of this writing, but that shouldn’t stop you from drinking in the heady cocktail of great lounge LPs and commentary by the very retro-minded Rich. Please, Rich, come back and update again!

The archives for this completely awesome site go back as far as 2007 so there is a lot to pore over. I love that Rich includes images of his audio setup and retro-outfitted living space. Simply awesome.

And let’s not overlook a good collection of links so lounge lovers can further fill up their hard drives with all those torrent, rapidshare and other files of ripped-from-vinyl goodness. The music itself is fun, but the VISUALS are a real treat. I’m a sucker for the great covers, colors and textures from this era–especially the image above created by BlueHipster, which is very reminiscent of Shag but with its own distinctive look and feel.

If you haven’t seen Vinyl Lounge Hut, stop wasting time and get over there…you just haven’t lived.

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Thievery Corporation Supreme Illusion 12-Inch Single

I’ve been digging this Thievery Corporation track since hearing it on the ESL Remixed CD. That’s a disc I strongly recommend, but for the vinyl 12-inch single junkie, here’s a must-own. Thievery Corporation’s Supreme Illusion is remixed by Nickodemus in a great Near-East vibe that mercifully sidesteps all the groan-inducing cliches lesser remixers resort to when trying to impart some of those “mystic East” touches.

This is some flawless, ultra-polished post-club listening. The ESL Remixed version was non-stop on the player for two solid months–quite a feat given all the music I consume on a daily basis. If these releases were cigarettes, I’d be dead by now.

Supreme Illusion is a great track and the B-side, Thievery Corporation’s remix of Crazy Stranger by Nickdemus is no slouch, either–but I prefer the A side, hands down. For those who don’t dig singles, pick up the ESL Remixed CD instead, there’s a glorious load of tasty sounds there.