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Trailer For What Have You Done To Solange?

Giallo soundtracks What Have You Done To SolangeWe recently added the soundtrack vinyl for What Have You Done To Solange? to the Turntabling inventory, and if that fact alone doesn’t make you want to take a look, this trailer for the film might just do the trick:

Cosa avete fatto a Solange? is a classic of the era, and with a far more gritty plot than some of its peers. If you’re intrigued now, have a look at the vinyl record in the Turntabling shop.

Turntabling Appearances Up Next: HorrorHound Weekend November 11-13 2011

Join Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend, Friday November 11 through Sunday November 13, 2011. The Turntabling booth will be there once again bringing you some outstanding rare, hard-to-find, import and just plain awesome vinyl records and CDs from all over the globe.

I’ve got a great, fresh batch of import CDs including Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, a plethora of Italian soundtracks on CD and vinyl. Plus I still have some Skinny Puppy vinyl, Coil, and much more. As always, every purchase you make directly supports Turntabling.net and your support is always greatly appreciated.

This is the last show of 2011 for Turntabling.net, we come back in 2012 with more of the same, but don’t miss your chance to get some pre-Xmas goodies for friends and yourself! Join us at Horrorhound Weekend, located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Cininatti North, 11320 Chester Road, Cincinatti Ohio.

See you there!

–Joe Wallace

Dario Argento Soundtrack Vinyl For Sale at Turntabling

By popular demand, here’s an ever-growing list of the Dario Argento related titles currently available for sale here. This list is all the vinyl, we’ll post the compact disc collection very soon. Please note that in most cases this vinyl is either out of print or going to be so very soon.

All titles for sale here are sealed and unopened unless otherwise indicated. We actually don’t have any used Argento vinyl for sale here–can’t find any and the people who own these titles hang on to them for dear life–but we have to let you know it’s sealed, regardless.

Goblin Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Dario Argento acted as a producer on the ground-breaking George Romero undead opus, so it gets included here.

Argento was also responsible for bringing Goblin to the table for the soundtrack so he gets double kudos for this. The bad news is that this Dagored vinyl LP is out of print now and when supplies are gone, they’re gone for good unless the Italian distributor decides to print another run someday. This is now extremely collectible.

This is a new, sealed import vinyl LP. Buy the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack by Goblin from Turntabling for $28.00. These are going fast–when they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Tenebre Soundtrack Vinyl LP by Goblin

The vinyl LP soundtrack for Tenebre on Dagored Records is even more collectible than Dawn of the Dead. This title is out of print and likely not to return, which means that sealed, unopened copies are worth far more today than ever.

This soundtrack is one Argento’s most famous, thanks in part to Claudio Simonetti’s Italo disco stylings on the best-known cuts. Technically speaking this is not a Goblin record–the band wasn’t able to use the name for contractual reasons at the time–but this is classic Goblin nonetheless, if not a completely different sound for the group. Completist collectors should definitely try to get their hands on one of these while it’s still available. Tenebre is a sealed, import vinyl LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl

Buy Tenebre from Turntabling for $30.00 plus shipping.

Four Flies On Grey Velvet Soundtrack Vinyl LP Ennio Morricone

You won’t get Morricone’s haunting score for this early giallo by Argento out of your head for weeks. The whispers, moans and experimental percussion are a lower-volume precursor to the high-octane shrieks and clangs in Suspiria. Some might call that a stretch, but listen to the two soundtracks back to back and you might be surprised.

This too is a highly endangered species on vinyl–when supplies are gone, they’re gone! Just TRY to find this in any used record shop or on eBay for a reasonable price. We have a limited supply of Four Flies On Grey Velvet, they are sealed, 180 gram vinyl LPs on the excellent Dagored label. Get them while they last!

Buy the Four Flies On Grey Velvet vinyl record from Turntabling for $29.00 plus shipping.

Suspiria Vinyl LP by Goblin

The king of the Argento soundtracks, Suspiria features Goblin at the hieght of their creativity and spookiness. This album completely transcends the film its in, standing alone as a sonic accomplishment that demands to be recognized with or without the film.

Suspiria is also out of print and getting more scarce in this form than ever. It will soon be listed as ultra-rare and as with Tenebre, we challenge crate diggers to find one of these in the used bins–we’ve never seen it happen!

We have extremely limited stock of this awesome vinyl record, sealed and unsullied by human hands. Suspiria is a sealed, imported vinyl record on 180-gram vinyl.

Buy Suspiria now from Turntabling for $39.00 plus shipping.

Deep Red AKA Profondo Rosso by Goblin

Goblin’s soundtrack for Deep Red, also known as Profondo Rosso, is a driving prog-filled album that really enhances the film. There are a couple of cheesy moments with analog synth flourishes thrown in for no apparent reason, but these are quickly forgotten when the prog attack kicks in again.

Goblin was in fine form on this soundtrack in spite of being intimidated by the job–they were brought onto the film after Argento fired the original composer…but Simonetti and company stepped up to the task quite nicely. As with so many (all?) of the other titles in the Dario Argento soundtrack catalog, this particular release on Dagored Records is going out of print and is more of a rarity than ever for vinyl junkies.

The Goblin Profondo Rosso soundtrack is a new, sealed vinyl LP on 180-gram vinyl. Buy it now while supplies last from Turntabling for $28.00 plus shipping.

That’s all the Argento vinyl we have in stock currently. Stay tuned for the list of Argento-related CD titles!

Is the Record Store Dead?

vinyl1by Joe Wallace

I’m throwing this question out because I’d really like to know what Turntabling readers think (there’s a hint–post your opinions in the comments section!) about the state of indie record stores in America. In the last two years we’ve lost a LOT of good ones, but the ones that have survived seem to be in it for the long haul.

One of my favorite indie record shops, Laurie’s Planet of Sound in my Lincoln Square, Chicago neighborhood, is a good example of what I’m talking about. Recently Laurie’s revamped the store setup–once upon a time CDs were the main event judging from the placement and display of the compact discs. But now the shiny disc has been almost marginalized and vinyl is front and center.

It was a brilliant move and one that was long needed–CDs aren’t totally extinct, but they’re really for people with old car stereos and people resistant to going all-digital. There are enough digi-resistant folks out there that the compact disc will probably limp along for a decade or so more, but the writing is on the wall.

Laurie’s will survive if the local vinyl junkies come out and support. I’m one and I do. But what about the record store in general? Do you think it’s an endangered species? Chicago has more vinyl shops than I can name here-literally. In or near Lincoln Square alone we have Laurie’s Planet of Sound, Deadwax, and until only recently, Metal Haven which died in spring of 2010. Elsewhere in Chicago there is the local chain of Reckless Records shops, Dave’s Records, Dusty Groove America, and the recently-opened Leland Hardware Records.

Are they all running uphill here? I personally think not, partly because of changing business tactics (bravo, Laurie’s Planet of Sound) and partly because of a (painfully slow) economic recovery which keeps trying to happen. And then there’s US. The few, the rabid, the vinyl junkies.

Four Flies On Grey Velvet LP BACK IN STOCK

Four Flies on Grey Velvet soundtrack vinyl LP Morricone

BACK IN STOCK at Turntabling

Morricone really outdoes himself on this one. From the proggy jam on the opening titles, to the trippy, echo-laden sounds and creepy atmospheres later in the album, Four Flies On Grey Velvet is definitely a keeper of a record, no matter what you might think of the movie itself.

Some feel Four Flies on Grey Velvet is a weak entry by Argento, but the quirky characters and the fact that Morricone’s score threatens to become a character in the movie itself gives this one a special, left-of center place in the Turntabling 70s movie hall of fame. It’s become one of our favorites.

The movie is atmospheric, creepy, and has some really excellent, moody set pieces. We can’t say enough about Morricone’s music on this one–there’s a haunted quality about it that lends plenty to the film–in lesser hands, who knows?

The soundtrack is presented here in a beautiful gatefold sleeve and is pressed on glorious 180 gram vinyl. Buy the Four Flies On Grey Velvet OST vinyl LP for $29.00 plus shipping while supplies last. This is an imported, sealed vinyl album pressed in 2001 on Dagored.

Have a look at the trailer for Four Flies On Grey Velvet. We recommend watching this movie late at night in a darkened room. We tried it in the daytime, and it just doesn’t work the same way…

AC/DC Goes Overboard

ACDC guitar amp box set

This is fairly nuts, but you have to admire the vision–Aussie lads AC/DC are set to release an insane box set of live and studio rarities, according to Paste Magazine. The Paste article says this is due out in early November, but you can find it for sale now on Amazon.com.

Back Tracks features three CDs, two DVDs, plus a 180 gram audiophile vinyl record full of rare studio stuff. Oh, did we mention the damn thing comes with a working guitar amp as part of the packaging? According to Paste, the head is fully functional. Continue reading AC/DC Goes Overboard

Cross Country Vinyl Chase Day Two part two

What a long strange vinyl bughunt it has been…From Chicago to San Antonio, I am now halfway through the driving insanity. Tuesday is OKC and Dallas…maybe even Denton if I feel REALLY sexy. I might just, after the stuff I was hearing all around me today at the record emporiums.

The following was overheard in one of the record shops I hit today–people with cell phones talking very loudly never know when they’re going to get their 15 minutes of fame. But when people are practically shouting this crap in your ear, it deserves a second go.

“Yaww, yew jist pour it in yore pee. Maik shore thu kristles are all, you know, like, dissolved and all or you’ll fail the teyust.” It was a 50-something woman who looked like an office drone. She sounded like a backwoods Tim Leary.

Then, ten minutes later, a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON on the phone. “Yah, yah, you just pour the little envelope of crystals into your pee. Look to see if it changes color. You only go about three ounces of pee anyway, don’t worry about it!”

In Springfield, Missouri, we now know people like to put additives in their pee. Should I ever go back there?

And then…

shari lewis vinyl LP

Oh, but she looks far too INTO having that puppet so near…where is her OTHER hand?

But wait, there’s more. Just in case you hadn’t quite finished playing a game of canasta with the Moosehead Lodge brothers, here come Herb Alpert to trumpet you TO DEATH. That sticker boldly proclaims that this is the very very FIRSTEST TIME IN THE WHOLE OF FOREVER that A Taste of Honey has been released as a picture disc. I’m touching myself even as I write this, I am so excited about the idea of this picture disc EVEN EXISTING. A bargain at twice the price, eh Eugene? Yeah, daddy-o. Let’s take the Galaxy 500 for a spin to the malt shop. No, wait, wrong culture. Martinis, everybody?

a taste of honey reissue picture disc

Just when you thought it was safe to fire up the record player, another face from the past comes back at you like a spoiled cinema hotdog. I’m so tired from driving that I can only hope that last line made as much sense to you as it currently does to me.

Taco Puttin On The Ritz

I still owe record shop reviews a plenty. Vinyl Exchange, CD Warehouse in Springfield, MO and tomorrow’s Guest Room Records invasion. Brace yourself.

Danny Elfman’s Corpse Bride Soundtrack LP SOLD OUT

Tim Buron Corpse Bride OST LPWe’re currently SOLD OUT of the Tim Burton Corpse Bride OST double vinyl soundtrack album. It’s just been added to the Turntabling catalog, but how long will it last? It’s a sealed double LP featuring four songs by Danny Elfman, plus the usual Elfman score. Fans won’t be let down…have a look at the clip and you’ll hear classic Elfman at work…how does he keep winding up scoring movies with singing skeletons?

Pele Rarities on Polyvinyl


I’ll admit that Pele wasn’t even on my radar until I got a press release from Polyvinyl Records about the pending release of A Scuttled Bender in a Watery Closet.

Polyvinyl Records wants you to have this Pele MP3: Gas The Nutsy from A Scuttled Bender in a Watery Closet. I started listening to this thinking it was a giant pinched loaf of music school twaddle–but exactly two minutes and twenty six seconds in, I really fell in love with it. It’s that combination of dreamy and edgy I like…Pele is apparently rare and hard to come by and this new release by Polyvinyl is no exception–only 2000 copies were made. Fortunately, Polyvinyl has made two other albums by Pele available via download. From Polyvinyl’s press release

Teaching The History of Teaching Geography: Released on Star Stereo Records in 1998, and now out of print, Teaching The History of Teaching Geography is the debut 8 song album featuring the original Pele line-up.

People Living with Animals. Animals Kill People:
Companion disc to Teaching The History of Teaching Geography. Includes remixes by Bundy K. Brown and Mark Greenberg as well as several new songs including ‘Metric’ and ‘Apiary.’



What you’re looking at here is a Jimi Hendrix Experience album cover for Electric Ladyland…sold on eBay as a rarity with bids higher than $400. I found a link to this, and plenty of other lustworthy collector/obsessive items at VinylAlbum.com. The site is a clearinghouse of eBay LP auctions, expertly broken down into specific categories for easy negotiation.

There’s some really good stuff here–I’m no die-hard, condition-obsessive, climate controlled record vault guy (I buy my vinyl to PLAY) but there is some really interesting stuff linked to here. Naturally the stuff on sale today is gone next week, but the “Psyche” category and rare covers collection is definitely worth a look.  An impressive display, to say the least. Vinyl junkies, take note.