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Post-Massacre Thanks

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by the Turntabling table at Chicago’s Music Box Massacre last night. We gave away all our copies of the limited edition compilation CD and a lot of vinyl flew off the table, too. According to what you purchased last night, Morricone, Joe Meek, Goblin, and Easy Tempo sounds are your favorites–nice taste, folks!

There are still some vinyl road trip updates to post and I have to post some updates to the vinyl catalog…more titles (and a few sold-outs) coming soonest.

Long Live the Record Shop

Got an e-mail forward today with a massive list of retailers that are scaling back, closing stores or filing bankruptcy. Not a SINGLE musical instruments vendor, record shop or downloadable media enterprise was on the list.

That’s not entirely scientific, I know, especially since Virgin and Tower got their collective asses kicked already. But I predict that in an age of massive economic trouble, people will still cling to the music–maybe more than ever.

In short, VIVA LA VINYL!

I just dropped some nice coin on German disco cheese, and a glorious Brazilian post-punk album. More on that stuff later. Looks like Turntabling.net is back up, eh?

The Yellow Stereo

While The Yellow Stereo isn’t completely vinyl-centric, I really enjoy it and thought it would be fun to share. Anybody who has the patience and endurance to cover Pitchfork deserves their props, and besides all that, TYS is pretty sweet. The Yellow Stereo does give mentions to new bands releasing stuff on vinyl and that’s more than enough for me, especially when there is plenty of free music on offer to help you decide which indie bands to support this week with your MP3 purchases.

The thing I like most about this blog is that the About section reveals TYS to be a fellow traveler: “(The Yellow Stereo is) A place for friends to keep up with a lot of the music I was listening to. Usually it would fall upon deaf ears, but I figured someone out there liked the same music as me.”

This sums up the purpose to Turntabling.net quite well, and a lot more succinctly than my own About section! Please drop by The Yellow Stereo and have a look, it’s well worth the time. If I could remember how I stumbled across this one, I’d give props…